Topic: Hint at achievements on the Wii U?

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More like for achievements. NOT the score. Always wished I can use Gamerscore points for accessories. Make it work like Club Nintendo coins or even the Nook Point system where your initial score isn't deducted but the "currency" is.

I hope Nintendo allows us to use Play Coins to buy accessories for Miis if they go that route.



I like the way Nintendos doing achievements In the mii plaza and in KIU

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So correct me if I sound wrong, but when Reggie says that Achievements will be optional for developers, that really sounds like he's saying there won't be achievements, right? That's such a huge mistake and such a cop out. Games have always had the ability to have their own achievements and it has no meaning at all if it stays in the game. Nintendo must still not realize that it means absolutely nothing if it isn't universal and cumulative and visible to the public. So tremendously disapointing. A universal achievement system where you collect "coins" and level up and buy hats and whatnot for your Mii would have been perfect for Nintendo.

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I think Reggie meant optional as opposed to Microsoft requiring developers to have achievements in their games, whether they want to or not, not optional as in there won't be an overarching system.

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