Topic: Help this mom decide Wii U vs Wii for kids.

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@TheDreamingHawk: You said "If you are a good parent, get the wii U," thereby implying that if she'd be a bad parent she'd get them the Wii instead (or something else entirely). 'good' and 'bad' parenting have nothing to do with what kind of presents you choose to (or not to) purchase for your children for the holidays. perhaps there's a better word for what you meant by that?

I still stand by my statement. I was going to put "If you are a smart parent", but I thought that may be a little rude. I'm just saying money wise it would be of better value, though if the newer wiis STILL had GC support, then I would recommend that instead.

Your over looking one simple fact, her kids are probably too young to even know what a Gamecube is. They don't care about games for a system they never even heard of they just want Sylanders and for that a Wii is just fine. I'm not saying this just as a gamer but as someone who has been around his cousins enough to understand these things and has been in their shoes. It doesn't make sense to fight the crowd trying to get a $300 console just so your kids can play games that could be played on the much more affordable and widely available Wii, its also unlikely thats all the kids want.

Being a smart parent isn't rushing out to buy them the newest gadgets, its having enough sense to recognize they don't need them to be happy. Back when the SNES came out parents were skeptical about buying it for their kids because they recognized they were just as happy with their NES. I say kudos to M Brown for taking the time to actually do her homework before just running out and buying stuff for her kids.

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lol welcome to Nintendo Life

I think you lot have scared off Mrs Brown › really you should be ashamed of yourselves.



Well, turns out the husband wanted a Wii U and I happened to grab one this morning (10 am-ish) at Sam's Club. Thanks again for all the help - I think the Wii would have been fine for a year or so, but husband should be happy!



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