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EDIT: I never bugged the guy. I just quietly asked.

I need some help....

I went to GS today to try Finding out about getting a wii U, and guess what happened?

I got a ton of BS From the manager on how I was LAST on the waiting list, and that I was put on 1 month after the wii U sold out, even though I went and got on the waiting list the day after it sold out there.

The worst part is that He claimed that they wouldn't get a second shipment of wii U in before 2013, due to Black friday.

And when I asked: "Couldn't I wait early and get one then?" They said no, as they said that they wouldn't have any on day one...

Understandable for GS, but when I asked about Sears, he claimed it was the same everywhere and that Sears wouldn't give me one either.

But here is the thing, I live in IOWA, a state where nothing really happens. When I went to get my 3DS when the store opened, Me and this other guy were the only ones there, that's it.

So please give me help... How can it be even possible for a state like Iowa to sell out of wii U's in every single store across the state? I don't believe it for a second, and this stupidity over the wait list is just annoying! Please, if there is ANY retail chain out there that will let you preorder the wii U, at it's real price, tell me. I really want one but due to not be allowed to preorder, I don't know how...

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Try Walmart layaway or Target?

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Are they at the same price?

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To be honest, it's horrible customer service, but if you were bugging that person at GameStop the way you bug out here at NL over other things, I can see where he might be somewhat exasperated with you. Try someplace else, TheDreamingHawk — WalMart or Target might be good options. Just show up at stores and see if they have any on launch day, and if they don't, just relax and wait until xmas — who knows, perhaps your grandma was giving you the runaround before because they want to surprise you with one this holiday season. Good luck!

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