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Remember Dizzy? the classic video game character that appeared on NES (Fantastic Adventures of Dizzy, Dizzy in Adventureland, Treasure Island Dizzy, etc..) and many other syetems back in the 80's?

The original creators want to bring it back, well... they don't specifically say for the Wii U but in the FAQ at the bottom the Wii U is mentioned... but so far their kickstart campaign is not even close to getting enough support.

Help bring Dizzy to Wii U! (the FAQ mentions the Wii U)

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Never even heard of Dizzy until now. Must be a European thing.

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I live in the USA, those were some of my favorite NES games although they were unlicensed games...



Never heard of it either? Will YouTube it now



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oh yeah, dizzy egg was awesome. those games were easily some of the best platformers of the NES days.

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Bring Bubsy to WiiU!

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