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Hi everyone, do any of you have an recommendation for a HDTV for Wii U? I'm basically looking for a TV with a decent response time so the visuals and the sounds that are coming from the TV will be synchronized with the ones from the gamepad. I'm asking that because I tried to hook my Wii U to a kind of new LED television in my house and even when I change its setting to game mode it still has a little annoying noticeable lag which cause the sounds from the TV sound like echos. If you have any television you can recommend which doesn't have this problem please let me know



I use my computer monitor and have no problems, even using a 10m HDMI cable. I suspect most people on here don't have this problem since it's the first time I've heard it mentioned.

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From my experience, Panasonic, Sony and Dynex TVs work fine. I own a Dynex TV myself and it works great with my Wii U

I can't say much about the other brands, so don't take this post as a "oh, those other brands must suck then"

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Wii U looks very nice on my 24" Sony display that I also use for my PS3 and PC has a 4ms response. But my LG 47" (47LK520) has a 2.4ms with 120 hz. Wii U looks best on my LG and I'm split between the gamepad and my PS3 display though I can play ACIII in 3d if I want.



I don't notice any lag with my 56" 2007 Sharp Aquos. Looks very nice in HD too.

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sound waves from your TV speakers take a lot longer to arrive at your ears than sound from the Gamepad in front of you. This delay is perceived as echo

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Thanks everyone, is there any way to know one television's response time before buying it? anyway it has nothing to do with the sound waves, I checked a Wii U someone else has and the TV's sound was perfectly synchronized with his gamepad...



Ask @waveboy he's a genius when it comes to this stuff..

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I have a Samsung 46" LED and it looks great. Though it does have a slight sound delay, it really doesn't bother me that much. However, when I hook up my soundbar to it, the delay goes away.

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I have the cheapest 42" Philips plasma I could find in 2007 and it works a treat. I have no clue what I will replace it with in a few years time when it should potentially hit mean time to failure, however I figure if I stick with Plasma or OLED I'll be okay.

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My 39 inch Seiki LED works just fine for both my PS3 and Wii U, I have no complaints.


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I use a Sony Bravia TV for my Wii U and it looks great

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I've got the best panasonic plasma there is in terms of delivering the least amount of input lag period(as in 1 frame/16ms via component cables. HDMI bumps it up to 2 frames sadly...) The Panasonic '2011' S30(I have the 60" model) or the ST30 1080p plasmas are thee' wholy grail in terms of gaming on a panasonic plasma.The 2012 models were pushing 3 frames of lag, not cool...I've played around with the UT50(also owned the X5), and while the black levels on the '1080p' models are amazing, with game/vivid mode producing one hell of a bright picture(until the aggressive auto dimming kicks into gear 10 minutes later. lol And you can't turn it off in the service menu either, as it's inherent to the technology. Just like LCD & LED's are with their motion blur.) more so than any of those dim Samsung and LG plasmas...But the lousy 3 frames of lag and soft scaling for 480p and 720p content are the big deal breakers. Expect the 2013 panny's to deliver an even brighter picture, perfect CRT-quality black levels and an even wider color gamut, but i gaurantee the higher input lag will still remain. Time will tell with future reviews which will be rearing their head in the following months!

I can't wait when Super OLED's become affordable(maybe in 2 years? Samsung plans to charge over $10,000 for their upcoming 55"...eek!), because as is Plasma, LED & LCD have their share of problems, problems that didn't exsist on those older CRT Tube TV's, where as Super OLED takes whats so wonderful about Plasma and LED technology, wraps them into one and phases out the bad. Virtually no motion blur, amazing black levels, you get that wonderful LED/LCD brightness ect ect.

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I use a 42" Sony Bravia. It's 1080p, 120 hz and does a spectacular job.

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kfirzi wrote:

Thanks everyone, is there any way to know one television's response time before buying it? anyway it has nothing to do with the sound waves, I checked a Wii U someone else has and the TV's sound was perfectly synchronized with his gamepad...

Reviews on AvForums and HDTVTest post input lag results, so take a look at those.


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