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yeah I do tend to like Nintendo better but I don't have least beyond the norm issues with the other major consoles. Like who cares?

Of course I think any Silent Hill 2 fan could find a good rebuttal to this thread.

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I dont have any problems with other systems either, Ill own a ps4 and a wii u for the whole gen, graphics are the least thing I am worrying about when there is action going on in a game and I have to focus on not dying or passing the finish line first



Well said my friend. Gamers need to realise that it isn't a competition at all, and if they have fun with their system then everything else doesn't matter.


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@RetroChaos-X: As I said earlier, it's not as much the gamers that have caused the Console Wars as much as it has been the companies themselves. If enough gamers started an anti-Console War movement, it would end. Raising fanboys is a more profitable process for companies. Fanboys are a completely free, widespread, and incredibly vocal form of advertising, not to mention a near-guaranteed customer to anything that respective company will release. Gamers to realize that they are being manipulated, kill off the idea of brand loyalty, and and actively encourage an anti-fanboyist gaming community if we ever want to see the Console Wars end.

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Got Rayman Legends yesterday and having an absolute blast didn't even care that people in Game buying Xbox One games looked at me as if I was crazy buying something for Wii U.

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shingi_70 wrote:


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thank you



shingi_70 wrote:

bleed Green, Blue, Grey, or what ever PC gamers love

You forgot the non-fanboys. We bleed rainbow binary

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He's right.
Nobody can ever deny that Sega sucks royally though.


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Of course we can all have fun, as soon as all the Xbots and Sony drones see the truth and know Nintendo as the saint of the gaming industry, then we'll all be perfectly happy.


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Here's to a new age!

This generations gonna be a good one ladies and gents', I can feel it already.



No one wins except for the GLORIOUS PC MASTER RACE.
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