Topic: Has the 3DS price drop made you think twice about buying a Wii U at launch?

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Nope. If I think it's worth it at launch I'll get it. If not, I'll wait.

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Their is also a very high chance of pikimin 3 being availibile at launch, since the game is actually done, but they are moving it onto wii U rather than put it on the flailing wii.

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Not at all, as far as im concerned, this makes me wanna get it more because I kno it will be at an affordable price. Nintendo knows that money talks and when ya ask for too much money, no one talks.

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I love being a part of the excitement and new community of new owners, so I'll buy it at launch.



I'll probably just be getting it for christmas.

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im a first day buyer ofc. i love buying games at launches because then you dont know all the games inside out when you buy it.



I probably won't ever get it or at least not till the end of its' lifetime because i'll probably be in college when it comes out... So i'll probably just stick with the 3DS this generation.


I was already thinking twice, because I wasn't that impressed with what we've seen of the WiiU. I thought the 3DS was the most epic Nintendo system yet, and yet sales weren't great, so now I'm thinking the WiiU might be doomed to be a complete failure. If I buy one, I will definitely wait to see if it's selling, and I'll try to get some form of deal on it, because I'm really not sold on buying the system at all, never mind having the system day 1.

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Actually, no. The 3DS price drop was unexpected for everyone, including Nintendo. I think it is very unlikely we will see the same with WiiU.

For me to buy it at launch would require at least one essential game (preferably two), which in my case would be an HD 3D Mario or Zelda, or a more attractive 2D Mario than NSMBM. The launch price itself is a deciding factor as well.

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honestly, the price drop makes me more likely than anything to buy the WiiU at launch, because while Nintendo of America is known for incredibly stupid business decisions, Nintendo of Japan tends to be much smarter. That being said, learning that the 3DS was overpriced for the average consumer will make them more likely to give the WiiU a lower MSRP (in regions where they give MSRPs, not Europe of course). Thus, the WiiU will most likely be cheaper than was originally planned, making it more likely to sell well, and a day 1 purchase for me.





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Yes, the 3DS is the only system I've ever bought at launch and losing $80 stings (I'm unemployed, and can't find a job) the reason I bought one at launch was because I thought it would be hard to find, and firmly priced like the Wii and DS Lite were. I basically bought one at launch to play Mario Kart 7, & Super Mario 3D Land, and that I could have waited and still played those on their release date and saved $80 really sucks.

To be fair I didn't plan on getting a Wii U at launch anyways, not because the system is bad or anything, but I still have a lot of Wii games I want to play, and since I bought a 3DS It'd make more sense if I use that money on 3DS games versus buying a new console, and not having any money to buy games for either system.


Just made me realize its not worth going out of my way to get one. I'll still shoot to get one launch.

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I won't get one at launch anyway.

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Raymanfan1 wrote:

Never, since I first saw the WiiU, did I think I would buy one before a MASSIVE price drop. I think this is the video game console equvelant of DERPYNESS. I think it might be PS4 or XNext for me.

I think the wii u could be fun but no point in buying it at full price when the xbox720/ps4 could come out not too long after and they will most likely be £300+.

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for me it depends on the price or the games that it comes out with. And if I can trade my wii in towards it. But I probably won't get it because I don't really play my Wii as it is.

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No. I really hadn't thought about this, well not until just now after reading this thread. Thanks a lot @Rated_R_Superstar. )<:

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I'm getting it. Not sure at launch, but I would love for it to be the first home console I bought at launch.

The power of NextBox and PS4 won't bug me because that's not the important thing in my mind. Having great amounts of 1st party titles and the games the other next-gen consoles are getting is a win for me. 1 console to own happily, I guess.

And Smash Bros, though coming in like 3 years, is the game I want



It's made me think about it more, certainly. Not only because of the price drop being so horrific, but I ended up buying several 3DS games I would not have even considered, or saved a huge amount on if I had waited say a year or until the Christmas after it had launched to get the system.



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