Topic: Has anyone gone all digital? (or plans too)

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I pretty much do not care for all digital on a console for some reason.
On PC i am all digital but thats also part because of STEAM. STEAM just got these great deals that make geames very cheap.
On consoles something like that is rather uncommon even rare.
In addition to that i will buy like 5 games for my WiiU within the first year and don't really see the need to be all digital just for that.

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Nah, I dont see a reason why to. Not only because I enjoy having an actual collection of games but also because of the prices.
I have 25+ Wii U games now and basically all, with the exception of Lego City Undercover: Limited Edition and Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate that was 30GBP, have cost between 12 and 25 GBP. Digital prices are just too high, on every platform. (Well, except for PC/Mac, i guess. At least regarding most games. But then again I only buy humble bundles and such on the iMac). Prices are really low on the iOS too.



Not yet. I'll probably go all digital once we see some substantial sales and account based downloads. Until then, I wont be buying any retail title digitally.

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All digital here. No fears and no regrets. Initially problems with downloading, but most of the bugs seem to have been ironed out with the last system update. Prices are nicely offset by instantly downloadable codes from GAME (though these only apply to Nintendo published titles) and some publishers discounting games or putting them on sale.

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Physical for now, as I get some sick thrill out of actually holding my games in my hands, but I'm not entirely opposed to digital, and would easily buy a digital only retail title.

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I'd probably go all digital if my account wasn't tied to my console. Also I get rather annoyed that the majority of retail games on the eShop seem to be more expensive then buying it on disc. You'd think that since the games doesn't come with a plastic casing, a paper booklet and a disc, that it would be slightly cheaper on the eShop... But not in Nintendo's case.


Dear people, can't loose your Digital Downloads AT ALL while your RETAIL purchases may be lost if you scratch your disk.


Digital Positives (+)

1. Always being able to download your product on your storage drive /current or any other in future/
2. Easier to manage your content e.g. you don't need dedicated space for DISKS
3. Less stress on your Wii U Drive - It is known that disk drives on consoles are the weakest part.
4. You can't Loose your games e.g. (they can't be stolen). They are lost only if you loose your console.
4. Even if your console dies (worst case scenario) you can always contact Nintendo Support and they can FIX your console,
save your digital purchases (downloads) for a descent price.

Digital Negatives (-)

1. You can't sell your Digital Games (except if you are selling entire console and if you calculate your digital downloads in console price)
2. You need external storage with a descent number of GB's e.g. 250+ if you plan to build Digital games Library
3. Digital Games from eShop are more expensive (for now) cause most Retail sellers offer cheaper solutions
4. Digital Games won't include shiny Manual that comes with Retail product.

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I've decided to go 70% vs 30% in favor of Digital Downloads.

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I'd rather have discs for my games, but I love having digital downloads from the Virtual Console.

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SCAR392 wrote:

I have. The only games I have on disc are Nintendo Land and COD, because I got NL free, and COD was only on disc.
One reason why I go digital, is because I get things on release day, so it will cost the same. I don't care for the case or disc, and Nintendo gives 10% back which beats both GameStop and Best Buy reward programs combined.

Wow 10%? This made me sad....
its mest up that I dont get 10% off just because Nintendo didnt have enough Black Wii U's at launch.

and I do plan on going 90% Digital
I just put in a 1.5 TB HDD on my wii

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I haven't gone digital and don't plan to. My thought on physical copies or digital copies is that if I can't hold my purchases then in a way I don't own them.

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I'm pretty interested in digital content in the WiiWare/Virtual Console style. I bought A LOT of games for the original Wii this way (in fact, that was mostly what I used mine for). I'm still not ready to do it with full console games. I like having the game discs, boxes, etc. I like being able to take the game disc over to a friend's house (though I have drug my consoles with me on numerous occasions). I don't like having to wait for a download. I would definitely consider full retail games if they had good sales and were games I was interested in. I bought at least a couple on Xbox 360.

Where Nintendo is going to get me is with the 3DS. Having the games stored on my SD card is just so much more convenient then dragging around a pocket full of 3DS game cards. I don't see myself going full digital there either but the option is a lot more appealing.

I think we still have a way to go (in terms of internet speed and storage capacity) before console gaming becomes appealing as a digital only experience. Nintendo's approach to their digital content is certainly a lot more appealing than what Microsoft plans to do though.

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