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Hi all,
Was doing some internetting earlier to see if there was an active petition to get GTA5 on Wii U. There seem to be two; one has a couple thousand signatures, the other has barely more than 100. I can only offer up the conclusion that it has so few signatures because not enough people know about the petitions.

I really think everyone from the Nintendo Life community should support these petitions, then share them with their friends and family because honestly, getting GTA 5 on Wii U would be a lifeline that would thrust the console into the spotlight again.

This is probably the biggest game to hit the industry in 2013 and I think we can all agree that the Wii U would benefit massively from it. The system can handle the game, anybody who argues otherwise does not know what they're talking about.

So here are the two petitions, everyone sign and share!

Also, would like to add that I didn't create either of these petitions. We don't need hundreds of small petitions, just one or two huge ones.

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GTA 5 on Wii U Petitions. Please sign!

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Please feel free to advertise whatever petitions you like via your user signature. Thank you! :3

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