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A few people at another forum decided to support this petition that was already existing to try and get GTA5 on the Wii U. So if you want GTA5 on the Wii U sign this petition and maybe Rockstar games will consider it! Even if your not going to play it or buy it. You should still sign it because it will drag more people onto the Nintendo consoles and get more users and offer Nintendo more success.



Says the guy who joined 9 minutes ago.

Just for you.
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Woops! Looks like I just lost the **** I was about to give.

Just a guy making solo music using Garageband.


Welcome to NintendoLife, if you're here for a bigger reason than to spread the word about one freaking petition. (But seriously, welcome.)

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You gave me like five reasons not to sign with that post.

I'll stick with not caring about GTA while it resides on superior platforms.




Welcome to NintendoLife, if you're here for a bigger reason than to spread the word about one freaking petition. (But seriously, welcome.)

Thanks and not at all. I will stick around, I especially enjoy chatting about the Wii U.



I'll sign it even though I'm not into GTA all that much.



KITTY! I need you here. This guy came out of nowhere and is trying to promote a very stupid game.

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I'll sign it I guess. Has Rockstar even confirmed specific platforms for this game? Maybe they are already working on a Wii U version.

But doesn't matter to me, if not I'll just get it on the PS3.

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Online petitions usually don't work.



If you'd like to advertise your petition, you're more than welcome to do so via your user signature — just put a link and a short description into it if you like. Thank you! :3

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