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I need a nice relaxing grind fest for after work. I am done with WoW so now I need something to fill the void.
I do more more interesting gaming on the weekend, but after work I need a cool down. And I want to get more use of my wii u.
Right now I am thinking Monster Hunter 3 or Warriors Orochi 3.

I am a fan of the Warriors series, I only only 3 other versions so not a super fan. I can find it for $30 but is it ruined by the slowdown and popins? The perpetual curse of a Warriors fan or was it made good enough by one of the patches?
I am curious about the Monster Hunter Franchise and MH3U is a good starting spot, according to pretty much all reviews.

Are there other games I need to consider for a nice relaxing grind?



I haven't played Orochi so I can't comment on that, but what I do know is that Monster Hunter isn't laidback. Especially when you go up in difficulty there's a lot of thinking and reacting involved. Monster Hunter isn't a relaxing grind, attention is required. It's a lot of fun though, if you want to invest time and effort in it.

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Warriors Orochi 3 Hyper is not a excellent game, but if you know that you like the series you will problably also enjoy Hyper. It is filled with content and even though there are pop-up enemies everywhere i am yet to experience a framerate issue/slowdown, but then again the game has been patched so perhaps the issue has been fixed. I got it for like 17 gbp and i think that was worth it. If you buy it soon you will get a free DLC package as well featuring exclusive holiday costumes.

I have not played much Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate but it seems more advanced. More strategic. Warriors Orochi 3 Hyper seems pretty braindead but you will definetely need to put some effort and thought into MH3U. Maybe you should pick up Skylanders Giants or something lol.



There people out there that like grindfest games?
That mostly what people dislike about those type of game.

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I think people are misusing the term grind. Either that or they don't actually understand the concept...

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Yea I love grindy games they are my guilty pleasure. And people must like them cause they keep making them.
I know these games aren't for most people and I typically only play them after work but I find a certain amount of relaxation in "Go to Field A; Kill B of enemy C"

Plus they are great when I only have a few minutes because those games are quick in/quick out, nice bite size chunks. So they are easy to squeeze in.
Unlike more meaty games like StarCraft which demand 30 minutes to minimum or AC3 which deserves hour long chuncks.



As a WoW player myself I would say go with Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate. In alot of ways it does remind me of an MMO. You can play online with a group of friends to take on a monster alot like a raid boss in WoW and you can craft armor and such from spoils that you get from the different monsters. It does have heavy grinding aspects like sometimes you kill the same monster over and over again for a particular crafting item. Also the battles with the monsters are for the most part reaction battles. The monsters dont have HPs here but they do take visible damage if that makes sense. YOu have to watch there movements very carefully and react in time.

I have MH3U on both the Wii U and the 3DS and when I am not playing WoW I am usually playing this game and its easily one of my most played 3DS games.

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Totally Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate. It completely removed my urge to play any MMOs anymore. Basicly everything has been said about it already, only I'd say that it isn't as much of a "tiresome grind". I mean it needs your attention yes, but when you grow to the game even that can be relaxing. It's really daunting at first and I recommend you give it at least 20-40 hours to grow on you, then it really takes off!

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