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Aren't they trying to get the 3DS to sell as best they can? If anything, a reason not to do this would be because it would do the exact opposite that they want. Software would sell, but they would be hurting potential hardware sales.

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It's possible. It would be cross play, but the other way around. I have the PS 3D display, which I made sure to have to use 3D on stuff(24", 3D, 1080p, 240Hz, Motorstorm, Simulview glasses, and an HDMI cord for $200 inc. tax? Sure! A 26", 720p, 60Hz, and no 3D go for $200 or more w/o tax yet, so it's kind of a no brainer as far as smaller displays go). The Wii U can do 3D, and it could work, so it's apossiility. They merging the accounts soon, but I wouldn't go around saying it will be an option for sure.


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Fr3nZy wrote:

Does any one else think it would be an AWESOME idea to make a 3ds player for the Wii U (ex. Gameboy player etc.) You could use the gamepad as the touch screen.

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steamhare wrote:

Yes, The_Fox. My PC setup uses two monitors. They are not close together. It works wonderfully.

100x yes. I'm sick of people saying that the Wii U somehow fails to work because of the distance between the two controllers. That said there are some DS games (Brain training, Yoshi's Island, Sonic Rush) which use the screens in a way which wouldn't work well on the Wii U. Either because there is a seamless connection between the two screens or they ask you to use it in book mode. Both are things which don't happen on 3DS games however so... it would still work for 3DS games.

steamhare wrote:

As for why so many people are vehemently opposed to a 3DS player which they don't have to buy and other people would love? I guess they just like forcing their opinions on others who don't mind things like blurry textures.

The problem is that you would have to buy it. This wouldn't work with just a wireless connection to the Wii U because there simply isn't enough bandwidth. You'd either have to get a 3DS game reader that connects to the Wii U via USB or have remakes/ports/remasters put into the eShop.

Now personally I'm not going to buy into the hardware versions of this idea nor am I willing to put down money for straight ports at lower resolutions. If they do a remaster or remake or reimagining of a 3DS/DS game then that's a different story. I would consider buying a Wii U version of Layton or similar especially if it's new content..... but this isn't what you're saying should happen and what you're suggesting isn't something I'd be interested in.

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GameLord08 wrote:

We already have a dedicated system to play 3DS games on. It's called a Nintendo 3DS.


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