Topic: GDC Europe survey puts Nintendo Consoles in the back half in developer interest

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New Microsoft, Sony Consoles Receive Lukewarm Reception

Compared to mobile and PC, next-generation consoles don't figure nearly as highly into European developers' plans. 13% of survey respondents were working on PlayStation 4 games, compared to 9% working on Xbox One games and 5% on Wii U games; meanwhile, 23% of respondents were planning on working on a PS4 game next, compared to 14% for Xbox One and 7% for Wii U. (Survey results closed before Microsoft announced its DRM policy change.)

PlayStation Vita Slowly Gaining Momentum Among European Developers

Sony's PlayStation Vita is actually gaining ground among European developers; only 2% recently released a game for the Vita, but 6% are currently working on a Vita title and 9% anticipate releasing an upcoming Vita game. By comparison, only 1.5% of European developers recently released a 3DS game, 1.5% are currently working on one, and 2% anticipate releasing a 3DS game next.

So despite giving Unity for free and having self publishing interest in the WIi U was lower than the Xbox One's while the DRM was still in place. It says alot about developers (This survey is for AAA and indie devs to be clear). I'm guessing developers are looking at the Wii U's sales and the fact that Nintendo not only has a bad precpetion for their online system but doesn't do as much as Microsoft and Sony at promoting their online offerings.

The 3DS is the oddest one as its a successful platform so to speak. Despite that the only real indie support it has gotten has been from the usual suspects of teams who develop for near exclusively for Nintendo Platforms.(I'd agure that those developers would probably make more money going multiplatform as well) I mostly blame for Nintendo for not developing the WIi U and 3DS closely together and the 3DS eshop being a much bigger pain than the Wii U's.

So despite making a pretty heavy indie push with its current systems it looks like Nintendo's plans are falling on deaf ears.

So what can nintendo due to try and fix it. I'd say actually advertise the eshop and its content like Microsoft and Sony does. The way Nintendo tends to handle sales are that great either.


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lol at the Vita beating the Wii U in dev support and monthly sales.

They really need to hope the games releasing later this year can increase the popularity of the console. The longer it stays unpopular among consumers and developers, the harder it will be to rebound.

As for a solution. Small price cut + new color + increased advertising. Plus making sure people know the Wii U is entirely different than the Wii.

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What i wanna know is why the 3DS is even lower than the Vita? That makes no bloody sense.

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LzQuacker wrote:

What i wanna know is why the 3DS is even lower than the Vita? That makes no bloody sense.

It makes alot of sense when you consider all of factors.

The 3DS isn't similar to the Wii U and wasn't made for stuff like Unity in mind. Its why when you do have a game coming to both platforms like Shovel Knight your pretty much making two different versions of the same game. Its the reason why a kickstarter game like soul sacrifice only has a Wii U sku despite it going to be on both PS4/Vita.

The Vita however was made with the PS3/PS4 in mind which is why alot of games are able to be on both or all three systems with little effort to porting. It also helps that promotions like crossbuy gives gamers

Vita's software attach rate is high at digital than it is at retail due to having an online store at launch. Yoshida is saying that VIta digital sales rival or beat the PS3. (makes sense considering the form factor)

There are more avenues to get you game on Vita. You can do it the regular way as if your making a normal game or you can use the PS mini system which is porting mobile games onto the system free of charge while still taking advantage of all the systems features.

It more has to do with Nintendo treating their Platforms as a separate beasts and not being developed concurrently alongside each other. (some of the differences between the 3DS and Wii U make me wonder if they the two teams even talked to one another,) The 3DS is sort of like the Wii in which it was developed to be as low cost as possible and Nintendo ignoring Market trends despite them being in front of their eyes, (VIta Unveiling, Mobile,etc).


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Why does this matter? Technically any game on that chart could make it to any platform.
They could be developing a smartphone, or PS4 game, but that doesn't mean it will only stay on one platform.
RE4 was supposed to be an exclusive forever, but it jumped ship. That's honestly ok with me, so I don't get why people are trying to keep games from Wii U for no reason.
Nintendo is still making money on their devices with an attach rate of approximately 3 games per console.
They're probably still losing some money to operate as a business, but their assests are still positive. They're still making some profit with tons of extra money in the bank.


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