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Also, collections of the Hitman, Devil May Cry and Onimusha games.

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SunnyShores wrote:

a remake of skyward sword might be nice. with the option to use motion controls or not.

The game was designed around motion controls, so the option to not use them may not be present.

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So-called 'AAA' games that fat-arsed recording company-mentality game publishers can't be bothered to make for the Wii U - in a sense, lead by following...e.g if we must have another FPS how about an FPS based on WWI from 1917 - 1918, or a Call of Duty like FPS based on the US civil war. An RTS - pick any theme that's already been done on the PC. Resurrect an old RPG series like Ultima Underworld or even a space-sim like Allegiance or of the likes that Freelance was supposed to be. Like fashion, the old can be new, time to kick off the stale, eight-years old fashions...

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Chrono_Cross wrote:

Something new and halfway decent.

I can't believe you actually put that fake Activision quote onto your profile, but I agree, something good.

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Bastion should come. It was a big hit on Xbox, PC, and iOs. They should also bring Bioshock Infinite, Devil May Cry, and Destiny.

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I dont think l4d would appeal to zombiu fans.



Levine said infinite wont come to wii u



Star craft II or Command and Conquer

Skyrim GOTR edition

Half-Life 3

F -Zero




I have just started to get into Doom and I have to say it would be awesome if the ported Doom 3, or at least make Doom 4 for the Wii U.

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Punch-Out!! U
StarTropics 3
Wario Land 5
Mega Man 11
Contra 5
Bioshock Infinite - (Pointer controls)

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Dragons Dogma


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Just to beat the space-sim drum again, mainly because the tech wasn't up to scratch with the vision and remembering that with the exception of areas of the US on cable and the trickling expansion of ADSL1, people were still mainly using 56k at the time.

Also drumming it up because to the best of my limited Nintendo knowledge, there's never been such a game on a Nintendo platform and for that matter on any other console.

From Freelancer on Wikipedia:

Originally, Roberts promised features such as automated flight maneuvers, dynamic economies, and a multiplayer mode that could host thousands of players, but diminished versions of these features were implemented in the final release. The game's initial technical demos impressed reviewers, but after the Microsoft buyout and Roberts' departure from Digital Anvil, critics had doubts about the game. Reviewers judged the final product technically good but failing to fulfill their initial expectations.

The only thing I don't like about Freelancer's design is the point'n'click flight control. It should be something simlar to Allegiance (although the designers actually modelled drag on the craft, which doesn't come into play where the is an absence of atmosphere )

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biglittlejake wrote:

What about a remade Skyward Swords? How about Paper Mario U or Animal Crossing U?

A remake of the latest Zelda game already? You can play it on the Wii U in Wii mode! It doesn't need a remake yet.

Paper Mario U would be really cool though (so long as it's like the first two games, I didn't really like Super Paper Mario or Sticker Star as much as the original and Thousand Year Door)

I've never played Animal Crossing either but I heard it's very addicting so I'd probably be interested in that too if it was released

MrSRArter wrote:

Nintendo is rich while Detroit is bankrupt. They could use Detroit make a real Nintendo Land theme park.

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Certainly no more ports and remakes. I can't believe people want a remake of Skyward Sword when it came out barely 12 months ago.

I'd like them to do a new Super Mario RPG. It seems like they have no intention of going back down the RPG route with Paper Mario, so a replacement would be nice. More than anything though, I want a flow of new IPs. I love Mario, Zelda and Metroid, but that's all people seem to talk about. Every Nintendo console has those games. It's so boring just repeating the same cycle with each new generation. I want to see them give us something new, like they've not done since Pikmin.

If that's too much to ask, I'd like them to try really hard and get Kingdom Hearts 3.



Peach64 wrote:

Certainly no more ports and remakes. I can't believe people want a remake of Skyward Sword when it came out barely 12 months ago.


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Remake of New Super Mario Bros U.


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terribledeli wrote:

Remake of New Super Mario Bros U.

but with new levels and single player only. And Luigi.

eh, that would never happen...

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Easy question this MGS 5 : the phantom pain, and for bonus point's a Bioshock trilogy compilation and GTA V


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