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Why does it seem like everyone prefers the turn-based style of the original Paper Mario games? Personally, adding turn-based combat to a game usually makes me reconsider getting it. I loved Super Paper Mario and Sticker Star because I actually felt like I was accomplishing something. Turn-based combat doesn't do this for me.

I'd honestly just like to see something more like Super Paper Mario, but with a more unique twist to it than Sticker Star had.

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we need super princess peach 2.


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I think we need Train Simulator U.
We could have the controls on the bottom screen along with the horn and your speed. You could also have inside view on the gamepad with outside view on te TV. The game should also sell at least £2000 worth of add-on trains. What a great idea this all is!
Or is that just me?

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Train Simulator Reskins: ;)


Forget Minecraft, put Spelunky on the Wii U.

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