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Here the following games and apps that should be released to the Wii U, "+ 3DS" means the game or app comes in both consoles.

1. Super Mario Galaxy 3
2. Pokémon U
3. Check Mii Out 2 + 3DS
4. Super Mario Sluggers U
5. Nintendo World
6. Just Dance 2015
7. Mario Face Quest + 3DS
8. Animal Crossing New Leaf- connected status from 3DS
9. Nintendo Video Minigames- Similar to EyeToy for PS2, but with Nintendo Characters
10. Brain Age U

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Super Special Awesome Cardgames on Motorcycles U
I'm on a Blimp U
stop the Yu-Gi-Oh! Abridged jokes U

and the best the most awesome the wicked ultimate!!!!!!!:



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Advance Wars U, that is all.

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I just want Harvest Moon U.

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super princess peach 2 and Mario party 10.


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Alpha fom of smash bros for testing. So we can play it now. :3

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I'd love it if I could load music and movies onto an SD card and play them on my Wii U, so I guess a media player app would be nice.

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Yes, VLC player would be nice too.

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mipaol wrote:

I'd love it if I could load music and movies onto an SD card and play them on my Wii U, so I guess a media player app would be nice.

I agree I sorta miss the Photo Channel. It was actually pretty useful for showing slideshows from trips to friends and family.

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