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taffy wrote:

This post gave me death by terminal flatulence

You were one of the lucky ones, I see



I think I lost a few brain cells trying to read the OP.


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/reads first few lines of OP

tr;dr (Too rant; didn't read)

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I feel like I'm having a brain hemorrhage trying to understand the OP.



We've already discussed this. There's nothing we can do, bro.


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Now that i think about they should make a new Cod about the cod wars. With catfish DLC.

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For the sake of OP and readers, I will once again attempt protocol and etiquette.

Hello Nintendo Life! Today I want to discuss something that's been bothering me for a while. So, a while ago, me and my friend had a conversation that went like this.

My friend: You know the new Call of Duty?
Me: Yeah
My friend: Well, it's new features are just copied from other games like Titanfall. I think the new CoD is just trying to be a game that it isn't.

So, I guess I just figured out how a lot of gamers are thinking, and that's the topic for today.

I just wanted to make this thread to get the message across to others, because it's killing the game industry. Look at Game Theory's video on how we as gamers are killing our own community and the industry. Like he says, Super Mario Bros. sells best with the standard side-scrolling formula, but when a really innovative game like Super Mario Galaxy comes along it sells like poo! Not to mention indie games that people aren't really buying because they don't have retail releases. Gamers complain that there's a lack of originality in games, but look at Mirror's Edge. That was a quality game even though it didn't sell well, and Aliens: Colonial Marines was a solid outing as well. I think most people didn't like it just because of the graphics downgrades, and were scared off by IGN reviews. My other friend was telling me "It doesn't matter if somebody else doesn't like it, as long as you like it." I tried the game, and I ended up really enjoying my time with it!

Anyways, just look at Call of Duty! Gamers are buying it all of the time, but complaining about how it's the exact same game every time! What were doods expecting? Parkour? High Jumping? Oh wait, it's them that are complaining about how it's copying Titanfall! Why don't they complain about about how Titanfall copies CoD by being an FPS? And then they should complain about how Infinity Ward copied zombies too! When a new experience like Super Mario Galaxy came along, it got great mark from reviewers, but it seems like everybody shut up and forgot about it when more traditional Mario side-scrollers came out. But at the end of the day, there's always some games doing something innovative, so don't be afraid to try something new!

Note: Message above not necessarily the views of 8-Bit Samurai.

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@GuSilverFlame Sure let me give you a thorough translation. From my understanding it kinda goes like this: [email protected]#$%#^%&%$&***$&%&^&^((^*%&^@[email protected]!#[email protected]#!@ZDGDFHSR4534254124@#$#%$$&^$&&%**%.

Hope my translation is good enough for you to understand bud. I think @8BitSamurai did a better job.

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Video game companies release innovative new hardware and gameplay experiences and people call them gimmicks and snub their nose at them, companies go back to not innovating instead releasing the same tired formulas over and over and people complain about how games are too similar.

It's a valid grievance and I agree that it is detrimental to the video game industry because it sends developers mixed messages about what they should be doing. Should they be advancing things and looking to create new, fresh types of game play and ways to interact with games, or should they stick to the same old formulas that have been used over and over for years now, only making tiny alterations to the formula here and there, which naturally results in diminishing returns over time since multiple companies can only do so much to essentially the same shared formula before ideas begin to overlap and the games seem the same, which imo is something that happened years ago, but unfortunately video gamers as a demographic tend to be very fickle at times and this is holding things back.

I used to think it was the developers who weren't pushing for new things to make video games as exciting as they used to be, then I realized that it's a large portion of video game consumers rejecting attempts at innovation as "niche" or "gimmicks", naturally with a customer base so conservative developers will be more reluctant to take risks and go with original untested ideas, instead preferring to chase after the easy money that is yearly military shooters and licensed sports games.

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@8BitSamurai Wow, you must have been bored.

Good work, though.

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