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If I have a silicone cover fitted to the gamepad, will it still fit in the charging dock?

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It should do. I got a blue cover: Untitled

Yes I know, the screens dirty as hell again. Luckily when it's switched on you can't see the dirt screen.

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no it doesnt fit well in the charger i know i tried.. it wont touch the contacts

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@GeePers - good to hear it worked for you.
The silicone skins they sell locally here look like they are quite thin and I think it might just work.
@Bass - dirt + grime on the black gamepad will drive me nuts, that's why I need that cover. The thing gets dirty from me just looking at it

Thanks for all the responses, much appreciated.

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Well the one I have stops the cradle charger from working but with kids I am happy to just plug in the cable to charge it compared to having their dirty hands all over the actual black gamepad

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Where do you get those silicone covers?



Will those protect if from dropping like the Wiimote jackets did? I ask this cause with kids you can never be to careful.

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Depends... probably good enough if you dropped it a foot or two onto carpet. Dropping it from the International Space Station not so much. The silicone isn't nearly as "cushiony" as the Wiimote covers, but I figured with kids I was better off having it on. I got mine at Best Buy.

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The one I have does, simply because there is no silicone at the bottom where the pad fits into the charger.

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