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Hi Everyone!

I was wondering if anyone could help... I've got a faulty WII U gamepad. It won't turn on or charge.

I've managed to narrow down the fault to the motherboard and that's as far as I've got. Swapping out the MB isn't simple because they're region locked (thanks for being A**eholes, Nintendo). Getting hold of a UK motherboard is practically impossible.

I was wondering if anyone has had the same issue and if they were able to fix it be either;

1) isolating and repairing the faulty component on the motherboard


2) flashing a gamepad firmware from another region.

I'd really like to find a fix because it'd help a lot of people besides myself and help to keep the Wii U hardware alive!





Hi @JackEatsSparrows, Sadly not. They are all Japanese, Chinese or US variants. A lot of the adverts also say new but they are all second hand.

I wonder if anyone has attempted to diagnose the faulty component(s) before? I'm going to try and find someone with experience repairing motherboard to see if they can help.

Cheers again,



You could try the Nintendo Repair Centre :

But they are bloody expensive (would have cost me £47 just to fix the shoulder buttons on my 3DS) but postage is completely free


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I spoke to them earlier today. They want £83 ! Genuine shock

I'm not against sending it to them for a reasonable fee but £83 is extortion. I understand the man power involved but if they'd allow me to buy the motherboard I'd do it myself. They do provide a years extended warranty so that's good but still very expensive.

I'd just love to exactly what is causing the issue. There are plenty of other people experiencing the same issues so it must be a weakness in the design. old NES is still going strong so surely the Wii U should be.



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