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Hi. I'm having a problem with my gamepad. I fully charge it after Ive played for a few hours so it's ready for the next time. When I go back to use it two or three weeks later the battery is completely dead to the point that the system wont turn on unless i plug in the charging cable. Is this normal? My 3 ds dosen't do this. Thanks.



Idk, but if you over charge any battery, it will lose its battery life. If you aren't over charging it, and it is just a bad battery, then just wait until next month when the new longer life battery add on comes out.



While what Castleman711 says is true, that shouldn't cause the battery to completely stop holding a charge after just a few weeks. The battery is probably faulty. It's still under warranty so contact Nintendo about it - they should replace it for free.

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I wouldn't worry about it. The new Nyko battery will be out soon, just pick one up.

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Your gamepadis fine. It just never shuts off fully... Press the tv button with the wiiu off and you will see.

Leave it on the charging cradle.



Is it possible that you put it in the charging dock and didn't make sure it was seated properly? This happened to me once and it was because I had put the GamePad in the cradle at a bit of an angle. You didn't say whether or not you are using the charging dock or not, so this may or may not apply to your situation.


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My gamepad was fully charged, and I went on vacation for a week, leaving the gamepad just sitting on the coffee table not plugged in. When I got home, the gamepad was dead.

So...the lesson here is to just leave it on the cradle whenever it's not in use.


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Yeah, I just leave it in the cradle. And I don't think there's any use in worrying about overcharging it that way, because if the battery is full then it simply stops charging it. Not sure if the same thing applies if you plug it directly in.


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i leave it plugged in at all times except when the electric cord gets in the way when im playing. The Gamepad never shuts off completely, you can turn on the console and then, as if by magic, the Gamepad starts up as well. That's because it is constantly checking to see if the console on. And vice versa! Unless you remove the power plug, the console doesnt shut off either

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Castleman711 wrote:

Idk, but if you over charge any battery, it will lose its battery life. If you aren't over charging it, and it is just a bad battery, then just wait until next month when the new longer life battery add on comes out.

Stop living in the past.. Battery chargers are not like that any,ore... Chargers are designed to stop charging when the device is at full charge.

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Mine also loses charge if I leave it off the charger. I've never had it completely discharge like the OP, but there's a noticeable loss of charge.

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Does this happen often?

Sorry to be facetious but, do you only play Wii U once or twice a month? Like what the stuff...

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3Dash wrote:

Couldn't you say no device ever shuts off fully? It's waiting to be powered up.

Not true. Many devices do shut off fully. Though these days, less and less devices shut off 100%.

But the WiiU pad is always using a tiny bit of power. It's like a how a TV is always on, because the TV needs to be able to receive a signal from the remote to be turned on.



Thanks guys. I could just that i dont have alot of time to play cause of work abd other stuff so it lookes its charge since i heard that it is always on in some sence for the tv function,



Unlikely that petition will ever be successful... just keep the game pad on charge when not in use. It's not like that will kill the battery.



Buy a Charge Dock is my suggestion if you dont have one.

Now what i would like to see for a petition is a HC battery and the ability to turn the screen off and still play the game.

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