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ClassicJetterz wrote:


What a deal. Now the question or retail?

I was actually thinking the same thing.

I was originally thinking DL, then retail, and now I am leaning towards DL again...

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Coming from today's NL article about Miiverse integration in the minigame "Artwork" or "Sketch" in NA.

"This game type is also integrated into Miiverse as Miiverse ARTWORK, where you can select one of four prompts to draw in 60 seconds, after which your mini masterpiece, or hilarious doodle, is posted to Miiverse to be appreciated by all! You can even submit your own words to be prompts for others to draw, which may even trend in the Gallery section of Miiverse Artwork as popular words other players are enjoying sketching!"

There's also going to 200 unlockables in the game, and features a prize-winning machine similar to the one in WarioWare Twisted.

"You can also try your luck with Chick-N-Win, the chicken-shaped contraption that lays surprise-filled capsules, and get one of over 200 weird and wonderful toys to play with; each one showcasing something fun or eccentric you can do with your GamePad."


Somebody give these artists a raise.

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The art is hilarious. This game is an insta-buy.

I foresee what you'll do there.
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Here is the Iwata Asks interview.
Here is a summary from the interview, with bold parts being my personal points of interest

  • In January 2011, the first idea of the game was a pre-installed game on the Wii U, and it wasn't WarioWare
  • Since it would've been pre-installed on every Wii U, they didn't want the game to be quirky like WarioWare since the quirkiness wouldn't appeal to everyone
  • Intelligent Systems felt restricted on making this non-WarioWare game, and so after playing the Shield Pose minigame, Sakamoto suggested they shake things up
  • In summer 2011, they decided to make a retail game, although it wasn't WarioWare at first because they didn't know how it would work and look on an HD console
  • After getting help from a graphics expert, they used a paper-like design and began to make an original minigame collection with a story, but it proved to be too much for them, so they brought Wario and his friends into the mix to serve as a structure
  • Some of these original ideas are hidden in the Chik-N-Win bonus content
  • There are 240 prizes to collect in Game & Wario
  • It was a challenge for the team to make all the bonus content in the game
  • The minigames and the structure of Game & Wario make it different from traditional WarioWare in that it wasn't originally intended to be a WarioWare game, allowing for more in-depth games
  • The team avoided the term "minigame" when designing the games in Game & Wario
  • The idea of the stylized title screens comes from NES box arts. The box art looks gorgeous, but the game itself looks very simple in comparison
  • Designers were given the freedom to make each of their own personal artwork for the title screens of the games, making them distinct
    A ton of attention and effort was put into the title screens
  • There are 22 microgames to play in GAMER
    A "Nintendo All-Star Assistance" consisting of all Nintendo development teams coming together to contribute to Game & Wario
  • Kazuhiro Yoshikawa, director of Kirby's Return to Dreamland, helped with ARROW
  • Nobuo Matsumiya, who oversaw work on Kirby's Epic Yarn, helped with KUNG FU
  • Kensuke Tanabe and Risa Tabata, who worked on Donkey Kong Country Returns and the Metroid Prime series, helped make ASHLEY and ISLANDS
  • During ISLANDS development, Tanabe insisted that there be a beautiful,natural theme for the game, and after development of this, the WarioWare team was finally convinced that HD graphics could work on WarioWare
  • People who made Brain Age: Concentration Training helped with the CHIK-N-WIN bonus content
  • GAMER is scary at first, but then funny as you get used to it
  • Sakmoto wanted GAMER to be perfect
  • The team decided not to use "WarioWare" in the title because it's too different, but they still wanted Wario to be in the title, so they called it "Game of the Wario"
  • NOA recommended the title "Game and Wario" and they used that instead
  • The original name of the title GAMER was MOTHER
  • Game & Wario has a bunch of content
  • There is a secret reward for collecting all 240 prizes in the game

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Dev wrote:


Is that Nicholas Cage dressed as a muffin? ....HE'S THE MUFFIN MAN?!

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Emaan wrote:

I wonder how (if) Nintendo will market this game

If is right, they barely marketed it in Japan beyond a website and two commercials. And this is one hell of a tough game to sell in other regions...

I'm guessing maybe an advert if we're lucky. Probably just some people randomly playing the mini games and looking happy in a ridiculously fake way like in most Wii/Wii U commercials. A website too, but I wouldn't expect them to get that done before 2014, especially at the current rate.

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Yeah I'm not sure either.

Honestly this game would be a really good way to help capitalize what the Wii U is all about. Using the quirky WarioWare cast, Nintendo could probably come up with a really humorous yet interesting TV ad that captures attention and effectively adds more interest to the Wii U- similarly to how this game's story is about Wario trying to sell the dual-screen idea as a cool concept.

I have to wonder if Nintendo of America just might be doing something like this:
When Bill was saying "I'm sure Wario has more tricks up his sleeve in advertising his new game idea" was he regarding just more stuff in-game or like literally a marketing ad NOA is planning on featuring?

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Got to love the Kickstarter parody there! Unfortunately, Wario's attitude towards his 'customers' is shared by so many people using those crowdfunding sites nowadays...

Self? Why should I pay for everything when other people will do it for me?

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It's cool to finally hear Wario talk. Mario's talked in adverts before for Mario Sports Mix and giving a personal tour of the 3DS, so before I imagined what Wario would sound like in such an ad before this. It reminds me of Wario's dialogue in the game manuals.

I hope CrowdFarter can get more support so there can be another video uploaded.

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So we have internet marketing, now I want to see some funny TV ads

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Dev wrote:

It's cool to finally hear Wario talk..



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