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The friends lists on both the WiiU and 3DS are down for maintenance too, just thought I'd throw this out there for those who like to speculate on incoming goodies.

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nooooo my only friends!

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Did I have friends? I need to check.



/plays unfitting epic music

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Oh no swapnote must be down also

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Posting epic music are we?

Seems I'm getting that message on all apps/games that try to access the internet... but the entire Nintendo internet service doesn't usually get shutdown for maintenance like this... and not usually for this long... and not usually in a month in which MiiVerse is supposed to be released on 3DS (lol)!

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I thought 3DS update was tomorrow night? Maybe dealing with the whole network early, calm down people.



squeals In impossibly high voice for gender IT'S FINALLY HAPPENING! I wonder what will happen to friends lists though, it will obviously change...

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Huh, I can still access my friend list on 3DS (I'm in Europe). Also, the eShop on 3DS now gives an error code instead of a maintenance message.



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