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Hey for anyone who loves pokemon theres amazing creatures called capture creatures there only a few thousand away from making a book on kickstarter so if you love seeing new pokemon this book will be for you please pledge if you can theres three diffrent books to pledge for on this kickstarter link its the capture creatures one thats like pokemon even better i think


i hope you all could pledge im nothing to do with this project i just really want that 330 page book of creatures ^^ there so close only a few days left

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Double post much?
Try posting that on (Kickstarter-Help fund indie games) Thread or (Pokemon General discussion) Thread. You'll get more visibility that way.

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Was Mariobro4. No, I'm not taking off my's important.

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yeah you might not have a wii u or a 3ds so you might go on one forum so i put it to both thank you for the advice ^^

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Like @MarioBro4 said,Post this in the Kickstarter-Help fund the indie games thread or the Pokemon General Discussion Thread,But the Kickstarter Thread is where it will be more useful Information.

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i posted it in the indie games one and a different Pokemon one thanks for the links done the right Pokemon one now ^^

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