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I'm sorry if this has already been discussed, but I've looked through pages of previous topics and haven't found it. As far as I know there is no search function, if there is please let me know so that I can use it in the future. Now that that's out of the way, is there any chance that I will be able to play flash programs on my Wii U? I would like to listen to Pandora and view videos without having to resort to linking my laptop to the tv. I love the Wii U browser, but what the hell is going on with flash?



HTML5 isn't backwards compatible as of yet, which is why current plug-ins don't work on Wii U.
Don't worry, Javascript is working on HTML5 plug-ins.

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Flash is on its way out with HTML5 moving in. Only PCs seem to be getting Flash updates nowadays. Everything else seems to work off of old versions.


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