Topic: First Gamecube game you'd get?

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Oddy wrote:

Kirby Air Ride. I miss that game terribly.

Agreed. I still have my copy, but unfortunately it's broken and causes any memory card it's used with to be corrupted.

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Wind Waker

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Oddy wrote:

Kirby Air Ride. I miss that game terribly.

This, A sequal would be nice too

But I would also get That Fire Emblem game , forgot the name :/

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wind waker

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wwf/wwe game...

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i probably wont get any gamecube games unless they add online play.



Pokémon gale of darkness!


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Metroid Prime. It is a great game with seemingly the only first-person gameplay I like (Including 2 and 3), and it's REAL good. I give it a 11/10.

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I can't say it enough...Super Smash Bros Melee would be a great way to help build the hype for the upcoming titles. Added online multiplayer, would please many people (with an improvement from Brawls even).

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Super Mario Sunshine! What a fantastic game. I would say Melee, but once I unlock and beat everything, there's really not much else to do. I can screw around in the World of Isle Delfino, so its more worthwhile

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Unless Super Smash Bros. Melee comes out before it, Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance is at the top of my list. I want to play it so badly...

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I would most of all like to get some of the games that i missed out on. Such as Paper Mario 2, the Baten Kaitos-games, Tales of Symphonia, Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles, Four Swords Adventures, Mega Man X: Command Mission and Viewtiful Joe 2.

But also the ones i already played (but no longer have) such as The Twin Snakes, Super Mario Sunshine and Starfox Adventures.



Skies of Arcadia. Would love to try this game, but am not willing to pay inflated prices that it regularly goes for in the second-hand market


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People do realize this thread is from 2011?



Since there still is no Gamecube games on VC it can have its purpose.



Melee, Double Dash, Viewtiful Joe, or Pikmin 2
I really can't decide between which one I would get first

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CanisWolfred wrote:

Luigi's Mansion, just because I don't think it's worth $15.

I ended up getting it used for about $15...I guess Kirby's Air Ride, if that's ony around $10 (not likely, probably more like $15. Too much for that game, in my opinion).

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John_1029 wrote:

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