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After one a half month wait, My Deluxe Set Wii U has finally arrived at my doorstep. I unboxed it, hooked it up, powered it up, updated it, and played it for about 1 hour. Here are my pros and cons about it:

1- Gamepad feels light and fantastic.
2- NintendoLand makes a great showcase of the Wii U Gamepad.
3- Internet Browser is the best I have ever seen on any video gaming console.
4- Miiverse is Nintendo Wii U's true killer app.
5- Nintendo eShop is easy to navigate.
6- No more Friend Code thingy (Thanks, Nintendo).
7- TV remote feature is handy.
8- Nintendo in HD.
9- Off-TV feature is great.

1- The Wii U Operating System is sluggish.
2- The Gamepad battery life is disappointing.
3- Except Wii U exclusives, games are not fully utilizing Wii U hardware.
4- Wii games won't run directly from Wii U menu.
5- Need to buy external HDD after running out of memory.
6- Not all Retail games are downloadable.

Overall: this is truly an amazing Nintendo console, and it's also the true start of the 8th Generation of Video Gaming. Get Deluxe set if you have enough money, for a value, you will get items that seperately costs about $100 US combined.

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I keep hearing about the bad GamePad Battery life, yet I still haven't encountered it

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Hokori wrote:

I keep hearing about the bad GamePad Battery life, yet I still haven't encountered it

try disconnecting the power cord from yours?



The GamePad's battery life is fine with me, because I always set it back on the charging cradle after I'm done playing. You can try that, but there's also options on the GamePad's menu that handle brightness.

Honestly, the complex way I have to play Wii games on the Wii U is my only gripe with the console. I enjoy everything else.



shouldn't your batterry get overcharged and last even less time then? weird? do you play for more than two hours ever?



Glad to see you're having fun! If you have any further impressions you'd like to share, we've got an impressions thread going here. Enjoy! :3

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