Topic: Feeling sad about Wii U, but also loving it very much

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Wii U is my excuse to delay buying actual new games or systems. Or one of my excuses.

Despite any issues it has, I'm still gonna playing the good games I have for it until somewhere near the end of the year. Bare minimum, I plan on finishing BOTW, beat two more actual retail games (these existed on Wii U sometimes), and replay Wonderful 101. Good use of my time, might do some other things, I do need to at least buy Rainbow Curse already (can't forget about any major Kirby release, ever).

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kkslider5552000 wrote:

Wii U is my excuse to delay buying actual new games or systems. Or one of my excuses.

Glad I'm not the only one using it as an excuse! Some of the others are for budget and more important purchases that I need.

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@Tyranexx I'm another. I can't justify a Switch purchase yet as there's virtually nothing there for me at the moment. Too many Wii U ports have delayed that purchase indefinitely for me. Once it gets some of the standard original Nintendo content I might dive in. I'm not a big Mario fan, so Odyssey is not really one for me. Maybe this time next year for me?

Until then, I've so many Wii U games to finish.

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