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I'd put my Wii U in my room by now, as nobody else really played it except for me, but cousin really enjoys playing AVGN adventures on it, which is how I introduced him to one of dah bestestest Youtube channels ever probably, and dat game hasn't been ported to another home console (he doesn't care for PC or 3DS) so0o0o TOAST.

TheLZdragon wrote:

Sold mine and got a Switch. No regrets!!

You'll regret it soon once Smash on switch revs up( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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I can relate. The Wii U could have been downright awesome if they had done some things differently. The Wii U library is totally limited, but also has some stellar games. I had a blast playing through Super Luigi U and Mario 3D world with my roommate in college! And Mario Maker was a stellar idea! Xenoblade X was awesome as well. And that is just a few examples. I just wish they had done a better job with the hardware and marketing. The Gamepad is bulky and the screen low quality. But even on top of that, the range sucks! I was so let down when it wasn't even good enough to use the gamepad 1 room over! They could have made it run through your router or something! Many casual gamers didn't even know what it was because of the poor marketing!

So yeah, it is a total shame. For me, because of what it could have been. As it stands, I want all the best games to be ported to the Switch so I can box up the Wii U and put it away. I don't like selling games as I always regret it, but I would like to pack the Wii U away for the time being.

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@Anti-Matter No, I don't want it. I've never sold any of my systems. Even the Neo Geo AES, where I have only 2 games because I can't afford more. I never play it and I know I could get hundreds of euros for it, but I won't.

So selling the Wii U is out of the question. I just wanted to share my feelings about its fate.

In response to all of you guys, thanks for the comments, and well, for me Wii backwards compatibility is not a selling point, let alone "the selling point", because I still own a Wii and it's plugged into a smaller (32") but HD TV, and I've always liked to play my games in the actual systems they were made for. Remakes and ports are different, but putting a game in a newer console because it's compatible is something I don't like.

I never considered the problem of GamePad eventually having to be repaired or replaced, I hope it won't. All my systems still work, even a MSX from the 80s which was my first video game platform.

@Xyphon22 They already said that Hyrule Warriors will be better on Switch: all the DLC -both from Wii U and from 3DS, which was exclusive-, 1080p on TV mode, 2 player mode...

@Heavyarms55 I think one of its problems was poor marketing. The way Nintendo promoted the Switch, which was everywhere to be tested for months and was well explained, is something I never saw with the Wii U. I agree its library is limited, but I love its games, and the first year was great in terms of third-party titles, but when those developers abandoned it because people wouldn't buy it they created the library problem, and made people wanting the Wii U even less, so it was catch-22.

By the way, to the guy who mentioned Earthbound Beginnings: it's not a killer app, of course, but as long as I know this is the only officially released version. People who put the game in the NES Mini most probably use the previously fan-translated version, as long as I know. I asked about it in a thread here in Nintendo Life, still unanswered.

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I'm a late Wii U adopter, I picked mine up in July 2015. I personally love the system, and the majority of the games that I have on it are amazing. I'm still working through my remaining backlog for it and hope to at least knock out my remaining retail games (5 left!) and a few VC entries before picking up a Switch.

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I got my Wii U in August 2015. Splatoon was the system seller, and it lived up to its promise - the Wii U was worth it just by Splatoon alone, let alone by Smash, Mario Kart, Mario Maker, Wind Waker HD, Twilight Princess HD, Breath of the Wild, Mario 3D World, etc. It's an excellent system, and has served as my main system since I got it. I'm still playing games on it and trying to play all the games I'd like to before getting a Switch.



My Wii U still connected and I still love it.
Switch is better in almost every way... but Wii U is also special, I agree. That dual use of the screens is something that can't be replicated.

If it's a gimmick it was one of the best ones. It's definitely better than the Nintendo Labo gimmick or any gimmick the Switch provides. Portability is not a gimmick but taking apart your joy cons is.

With Wii U, it was really the third party games that shined in the early days and not even the exclusives like the then-ingenious (and badly named) Zombi U. It was actually some of the third party ports that really got me excited.

Sales doomed it unfortunately.. but for me, games like Batman Arkham City Armored Edition and Mass Effect 3 : SE were something so satisfying it felt like really next next next gen, like a futuristic game console. Having all these controls and options at your fingertips in perfect coordination with the TV was like having a Star Trek / Star Wars type keyboard that could do practically anything. You weren't just playing with new controls, you were doing things that were inconceivable on any prior platform.

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@dumedum I pretty much agree with all you say. But I admit third-party games in my case went almost always to Xbox 360, although some of them I got on my Wii U and still want to play them there. Deus Ex Human Revolution: Director's Cut, for instance, which I bought last year, still sealed, and even though it was more expensive than on Xbox 360 I wanted it on Wii U because of the GamePad functionality.

And I'm starting to clear my mind of selling thoughts when it comes to games that get ported to the Switch without any significant changes. Not worth the time and the suffering of prices negotiation. Still hesitant on Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze, though: I'm trying to sell it, considering it's still sealed and with the original cover (not Selects) and should be able to get a high price for it, but I won't if I don't get the price I ask -and it could be, because many people seem to not care about covers and seals-. Anyway, if I can't sell it before the Switch version launches I'll probably pass on it, since -if I'm not wrong- the only difference with the Wii U version will be the inclusion of Funky Kong.

An additional character is usually a selling point for me, but if it comes tied to an easy mode as it seems, then I consider this to be a port without interesting changes, thus I may not mind if I'm "stuck" with the Wii U version, even lacking the handheld mode. With a game like this, I'm sure I'll find the time to play it home.

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Yeah it's sad I always wanted a Wii U and never got one

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WiiU still has its place between the Switch and Xbox One for me as a good VC machine, Wii backward compatibility and Smash. There will come a time for it to make its way to the games unit with all the other older machines... just not yet.

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Just recently set up the wii- u in the bedroom. Been buying the turbografx games. I actually like the gamepad. The Switch is more versatile and obviously the better system. However the chunkiness of the wii u gamepad just seems to be more forgiveable when playing fast paced games such as schumps. I fell asleep on it a while back and it survived.



Still playing Wiiu, have alot of Wii and Wiiu games, and some of theme i havent played yet 😊 and i play switch😊



My Wii U still gets played way more than my switch. The main reason is youtube, my daugthers favorite device to watch it on no matter what I give her instead (expect maybe my phone but she can't have that).

The second reason is my backlog....currently playing Treasure Tracker and still have to play Wooly World and I am stuck in Tropical Freeze haven't touched Star Fox Zero I been injecting my old Wii and Gamecube library with the homebrew magic sauce. Might be my favorite way to play GBA games too and can do those with retroarch among other ways. I am still collecting Korok Seeds and upgrading Armor in Breath of the Wild while still playing it on switch too. I think I am playing too many things at the same time.

I mostly play Mario Kart on the switch, a bit of BOTW, and bit of Steam World Dig 2 but that is mostly when my daughter has the Wii U hostage for watching youtube.



You'll have plenty of time to go through your backlog once your daughter had graduated! Save the games you'll sell cuz there's always time in retirement...



I totally relate. I am keeping my system and games tho. I have a ton of digital content and the resale value of physical games is not great. My main regret is that I bought about 20 or so games that I was only marginally interested in. That and bought too many Amiibo. No regrets about buying the exclusives and about 10 other games.

But yeah, I have some great memories with it. Probably logged 4k hours, may more with Netflix and the browser. I thought it had a lot of promise and I actually think the game pad is more ergonomic than the Switch.



Haven't used mine for a while now. Mostly used it to draw pixel drawings on Miiverse.



Yeah, I really enjoyed the gamepad too. At the time the resolution didn't bother me at all, tho now it is beginning to look a little dated. I guess they wanted to keep their costs down- but that probably hurt it as far as timing. This would have been really cool in 2009 or 2010.

But its main reason for failure was that Nintendo really didn't market it. I guess they just hoped that the Wii brand would be enough to make this carry forward. While I haven't seen that much marketing and promotion for the Switch, it is significantly more than what I remember for the Wii U. I think that a lot of people my age, someone who grew up in the 80s, would have appreciated the Wii U. 'For us, the graphics on the Wii U were pretty dang sharp. And having the extra screen was pretty big in my house too.

ThanosReXXX wrote:

Never understood all the moaning about the Game Pad: I don't find it bulky, unergonomic, having a bad screen and so on. The only thing that IS true, is the short battery life, but other than that, it was actually a pretty decent controller. Too bad that Nintendo's marketing and message concerning what the Wii U actually was, completely sucked, because in some ways, it was arguably even ahead of its time.

And to this day, I still find it a pretty great achievement how they managed to let this so-called under-powered console run two versions of a game at the same time, without any noticeable lag. On the console at 720p and on the Game Pad in 480p. Pretty neat.

The only other negative thing I could come up with, is the lack of analog triggers, but I really don't miss them that much, because it mostly only matters in racing games.

In my opinion, a lot of the criticism also comes from people always comparing systems to other systems. Consoles seen on their own aren't bad: they only become bad or worse once we start to emphasize the things that are missing in comparison with other offerings, but we can do that for every system that has ever been available, although obviously, the differences this time around were a bit bigger, but still...

I think that the only correct way to see the Wii U, is as a half-gen console in it's own bubble, pretty much like the Switch is now. Both cannot be compared to the Xbox One or PS4. And besides seeing it in its own bubble, it is more or less essential to REALLY see it as Nintendo's first ever foray into HD gaming, not only because it obviously is, but also because it makes the comparison more objective. So, seen in that light, and also remembering that the Wii U was little more than the evolution of what you get when you put the Wii and the DS in a blender, and add HD graphics, then the screen was actually pretty decent.

An HD screen at that size would have made the console even more expensive, and they probably wanted to keep the resistive touch screen, because of it being better in combination with a stylus, as it was on their handhelds. To me, gaming on the Game Pad was, and still IS, a wonderful experience and I have never thought that the screen was "smeared with Vasoline" as so many whiners always say. To me, the picture is sharp enough to play all the games I have, and it's of a better quality than the Wii, which is obviously the only console it should be compared to, because of the whole Wii U being a half-gen console.

And of course, compared to the Wii, it was an ENORMOUS step forward. But no, it was a "weak" console, that was nowhere near the Xbox One/PS4, and in some cases even performed worse than previous gen consoles. The explanation for that was pretty simple, but for whatever arbitrary reason that was conveniently forgotten in most anti-Wii U discussions...

The Wii U had a decent, if not spectacular CPU, but its chipset was mainly focused around a GPGPU, a General Purpose Graphics Processing Unit, which differs from a normal GPU, in that it can also perform other tasks, for example to lighten the burden placed upon the system's CPU.

BUT: if no developer uses it, then the CPU actually becomes the bottleneck. This was most prevalent in Xbox 360 ports. Both the X360 and PS3 were highly CPU focused, as were the engines of the day, so a lot of optimization was needed to adapt the software into taking advantage of the GPGPU in the Wii U.

In the end, only a small handful of third party titles truly took advantage of that, of which Need for Speed Most Wanted was the best example of a superior version. A shame, really. So much more could have been done, but it's all water under the bridge now.

@Moroboshi876 You thought you were late buying a Wii U? How about 28 December 2017?

So, I've got mine (black 32GB Mario Kart Edition) a little over a year ago, I collected a small amount of physical and digital games for it, and I still use it every now and then. Recently bought Darksiders Warmastered Edition for it, because it was on sale for only 12 euros (around $13,60) and I also bought the second game in that series, because that was on sale for even cheaper: only 8 euros.

So, these two games prompted me to start playing on the Wii U a bit more again. And I'm never going to get rid of it either: I never sell any console or handheld, let alone its games. If I ever feel the need to go back to my old games, I want to play them on the actual system. Backward compatibility and/or remakes are nice, but for me, it's original hardware that comes first.

As we speak, I have the following systems still connected to TV's in my living room:

I've got a GameCube and a Dreamcast hooked up to my smaller, non-HD TV, and to my large, full HD plasma screen, I've got a Wii, Wii U, SNES Classic Mini, Xbox 360 and Xbox One S connected via an HDMI hub. That last console was also my most recent buy. Again, a sort of belated Christmas present to myself, much like the Wii U was a year earlier...

@Octane There's plenty of replacement batteries available still, some brands even offering better quality batteries with a longer battery life per charge than the original, so that's really not an issue at all.

And I wouldn't be surprised either, if replacement parts for the Game Pad itself will become available at some point. The screen isn't really proprietary, and so aren't any of the other internals, so people who aren't afraid to open up their Game Pad, will be able to replace parts themselves. I've done the same for screens and other parts in various DS handhelds. (not my own, by the way, since I take really good care of my own consoles, and I never had any bad luck with them so far. Knock on wood... )

But knowing Nintendo, they'll probably still offer repairs for some time to come, so that's also an option, at least for some years to come.



@rockodoodle Well, I was born in 1970 myself, and the Wii U's graphics, both on the TV and on the Game Pad, still look wonderful to me. I compare Nintendo systems in their own bubble, so going from the Wii to the Wii U really was a MASSIVE improvement, and one that still stays with me to this day.

I don't have a Switch (yet), but I do have an Xbox One S, and even though the graphics on that system surpass the Wii U's by a considerable margin, I can still appreciate it in it's own right, because I don't use illogical comparisons to superior systems, like so many people do.

And I still enjoy it very much, so no past tense for me. I recently picked up Darksiders: Warmastered Edition, for a bargain price, even though I had already bought and played the original on the Xbox 360, and it plays and looks just great. Tiny hiccups here or there, but nothing game breaking or worth moaning about.

But I also suspect, that in general, it's not people from your or my generation that do most of the complaining: it's today's kids, who have no knowledge of or respect for what has come before their current consoles, and who don't understand or appreciate the fact that without all those old, crappy consoles, with their "horribly outdated graphics", they would have never even had their purdy graphics producing machines...

Completely agreed on the horrible Wii U marketing campaign, though. As a long-time sales & marketing professional myself, it was an absolute horror to witness. Like nails on a chalkboard, or watching a train wreck happening and not being able to do anything about it, or something in that category...

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ThanosReXXX wrote:

But I also suspect, that in general, it's not people from your or my generation that do most of the complaining: it's today's kids, who have no knowledge of or respect for what has come before their current consoles, and who don't understand or appreciate the fact that without all those old, crappy consoles, with their "horribly outdated graphics", they would have never even had their purdy graphics producing machines...

Hah, don't worry, not all us under 30-somethings think that way. This may be part of my background, but I'm used to not having the newest thing and can easily appreciate what came before. Graphics aren't everything to me as long as a game plays well and keeps me engaged (Granted, I recognize games that are both aesthetically and functionally bad). In fact, I can easily name off many older games that I feel trump some of today's "ZOMG IT PLAYS AT 4K 60FPS AND BAKES WAFFLES!" offerings. While I don't necessarily discount specs, I feel like some things are (currently) overkill. Those that feel like they need every new electronic device or component day 1 are victims of marketing and (sometimes, but not always) poor judgement IMO.

Having new things is nice, but I'm in no hurry to upgrade my 39" HD SMART TV to an expensive 4K monster (especially with 8K on the horizon) when it works perfectly fine. Technology moves fast, but not to the point where I feel that every device/component should be updated every few months. This is all coming from someone in I.T., mind you.

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@Tyranexx Yeah, maybe I should have put a bit more nuance to it. Obviously, not ALL teens and twenty-somethings loathe or disrespect anything that isn't current gen, but it is certainly true that a majority of the complainers is of a younger generation that has never had access to or experience with an N64 or a GameCube, let alone a NES and/or a SNES, and all of the other pre-HD systems from the other parties.

On a side note: I wouldn't hold my breath for 8K yet. Market penetration projections for 4K TV's worldwide as they stand now, with the current rate of sales, is set to reach around 35 - 40% in total at the end of this year, if the trend shown in this graph will continue at the same pace:

And considering that the prices for 4K TV's are still somewhat on the high end, they'll have to drop first for those numbers to rise in any drastic fashion. When that happens, 4K can start to take over as the new default offering for target audiences, but that is still going to take at least a couple more years, and then, and only then, will 4K have become mainstream. For now, it's still a relatively small, but growing market.

And the same will happen once 8K TV's will be available to the general public: they will cost thousands of dollars to begin with, so it'll probably take at least 4 to 5 years for them to reach anything near the same market penetration as their predecessors...

And besides: a lot of people, much like you, still have a perfectly fine Full HD TV that is still in good working order, so they're in no rush to upgrade anything, unless they have the money and desire to spend the extra cash for their hobby.

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I dont feel sad about the wii u at all. I feel like it go what was coming to it. Nintendo made a lot of obvious mistakes with that system and it's hard to feel like the market was unjustified in its reaction.

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