Topic: Feeling sad about Wii U, but also loving it very much

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@GyroZeppeli Oh... You don't say... But why? It's not the first time someone with which I use to interact gets banned, and they don't seem to do anything wrong.

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Did... I?

I don't really remember commenting on that particular ban.

Yeah I don’t know either.

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@Moroboshi876 A lot of those games were ported, but like the Dreamcast it will be about nostalgia more than reality. The biggest issue is that some of the more interesting features for the console will be long gone and inaccessible. For example, Miiverse was a huge part of the charm of Splatoon for example, and even now it is just a desert of silent avatars looking at one another.

It was a very unique and quirky community and system. It reminded me of the N64 era in that everyone basically was playing the same thing more or less at the same time because there was nothing else but the latest Nintendo release. There was little sub-cultures popping up in Miiverse that was unique (and frequently very weird), and the community was solidified around the fact that the world scoffed at this console they didn't understand (and we did). All that will be lost when gaming historians and nostalgic people revisit it (or play a port of one of its many excellent titles).


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I don’t like how it’s become trendy to hate on the Wii U. I still play mine regularly. Okay, I don’t play as often as I used to thanks to also having many games on PS4 that are taking up my time as well, but I aim to play at least 25 hours a month every month throughout 2019. Last year it was 50 hours every month.

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