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From what you've seen in E3 demos and trailers, and possibly from console counterparts, what are your most anticipated Wii u games.
Heres my top 5
1 Tekken Tag Tournament 2: TTT2 Looks so excellent on XBox and PS3, and with the inclusion of Nintendo-esque features, it's going to be a completely new experience.
2: Scribblenauts Unlimited: Past Scribblenauts titles felt great, now there is a newer and cooler looking multiplayer mode, a creativity mode that looks similar to Drawn to Life, and major improvements to adjectives. (My Flying, Brave, Golden, Leeroy Jenkins never felt better)
3.Rayman Legends: Rayman Origins was practically perfect, now it's going to be better with 5 Player multiplayer, better looking graphics, and NFC capabilities, exclusive to Wii u
4. ZombiU: Ubisoft's newest IP looks like the perfect shooter to show off the Wii u. Interesting gameplay, a great looking co-op feature, and the best looking graphics on the Wii u. I can't be any more interested.
5. Sonic and All Stars Racing: The Wii u needs a racing title, even though I've seen no footage for the Wii u game, I know two things. 1: Sonic and Sega All Stars Racing was a great title 2: Land/Air/Ocean racing is fun and strategic.

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Mine would have to be:
1. New Super Mario Brothers U: Even though everyone complains that there are too many NSMB games and they are unoriginal(true), I can't help but be excited for this one. After all, it's Mario, it's always fun.
2. Rayman Legends: Rayman Origins was fantastic and this looks even better. What else can you say?
3. Batman Arkham City: Armored Edition: Quite excited to play this one. I've heard great things and look forward to it.
4. Pikmin 3: I actually have never played a Pikmin game before but with the second being released as a NPC, what better time to get into the series. The third already looks quite interesting.
5. Sonic & Sega All Star Racing Transformed: The first game was fun and Joe Musashi, nuff said.
All 5 download titles look amazing as well.

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Pikmin 3 and SSBU

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1. Pikmin 3: It's Pikmin, so it's awesome.
2. ZombiU: Probably the most interesting Wii U game at E3. Great concept and uses the controller in interesting ways.
3. Project P-100: Looks completely crazy, but completely fun.
4. New Super Mario Bros. U: Not too exciting, but I know when I get around to playing it I'll have a really good time.
5. Scribblenauts Unlimited: From what I've seen they've added quite a few cool improvements over Super Scribblenauts. I'm sure it'll be a blast to play.


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6) Nintendo Land - I don't care what any of you say, but I find this game kind of interesting. Looks like more of a game that I want to play unlike Wii Sports/Resort. I hate sports and find them boring to watch and play. I only played Wii Sports for only a few minutes just to check out the Wii-Mote controls. After that, haven't touched the game again ever since. Hopefully this will be a packed-in game with the Wii U.

5) ZombiU - When I first saw this during the Ubisoft conference, I immediately dismissed it thinking it was going to be just another generic zombie killing game. But after hearing about the game concept and watching some gameplay footage, my interest in this game rose up.

It’s sad that they got rid of Killer Freaks because of the criticisms it got, but at least we’re getting ZombiU.

4) Project P-100 - While we didn’t see very much about this game, it still looks interesting. Kind of reminds me of Pikman/Little King Story in how you can control the people who follow you. Too bad Nintendo didn’t show this during their E3 conference.

3) Rayman Legends - I always wanted to play Rayman Origins, but just never got to buying it. Just like that game, I would like to play this one too. Interesting characters, fun looking gameplay, and very nice art style.

2) New Super Mario Bros U - I like the “New” Super Mario Bros series, so I’m going to get this on too. I also like some of the stuff they are doing with the game like the Wii U game pad platform making mechanic thing.

1) Pikman 3 - When I played the original game years ago on the Gamecube, I hated it. I just could not figure out how to play it properly or know what to do. I could only get to the second level before I got stuck and decided to stop playing.

When the second game came out, I pretty much ignored it and didn’t give it a chance.

Though some years later after I traded in the game, I wanted to play it again and see if I can play it better this time around, but could never find a copy. This game looks great and I would like to play it. Hopefully Nintendo will make these games available for download on their Wii U eShop service so I can play them before they release the third one.

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The ones I'm anticipating the most are the ones that haven't been revealed yet.

Out of what we know is coming, NSMBU is probably the safe choice. I want to be excited for Rayman Legends but have had a tough time getting into Origins so far. I need to see ZombiU is not Red Steel all over again before I'll consider it.

If we're counting games that haven't been confirmed for North American yet, Dragon Quest X Online maybe. I had fun with DQIX but stopped playing when 1% rare drop grinding was required to complete quests and such. If DQX avoids that, doesn't have a subscription and allows me solo mode, I may check it out



I am really looking forward to ZombiU



I don't know much about them yet but Project P-100 and Trine 2 have caught my eye. I should go research Trine 2 since it's an existing game which is being ported to the Wii U.

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The one that I've played.


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I'll immediately change my vote to put Nintendo Land on this list if it's confirmed to be pack-in. Because I always look forward to free games. That's what saved 3DS for me! That's why freeware exists.

1. Rayman Legends - Ok I've mentioned this too often, but I love how in ONE year (one year and 3 months at most apparently) we're getting a more original Rayman sequel then either the NSMB sequels to games from 2006 and 2009, respectively. I am ashamed if anyone is still hating on Ubisoft. But seriously, I haven't even played Origins yet but that looked great, this looks great. And now I don't have to give Bit Trip another chance! Hooray! Love the Mario Galaxy meets DS use of Murphy too.
2. Pikmin 3 - I love these games, and this one looks just as great. Also it's a project Miyamoto is actually involved in, which adds more justified hype to me. Been waiting forever for this. The only unfortunate thing is that I doubt it will be as great as LKS, but what is really?
3. ZombiU - I've never played a real survival horror game for more than a few minutes, unless you count Fragile Ruins. (laughs at old RE games) Now seems like a good time, and I'm surprised that this looks as good as it did. But it seems like it will use the Wii U controller better than anything else I've seen so far. It also seems to be the best example of Mature hardcore gaming being relevent on Nintendo (sadly No More Heroes is not relevent), and just seems like it will be a very fun zombie killing game.
4. Project P-100. This game looks amazing and creative and awesome and possibly better than Pikmin. Honestly, only reason it isn't above Pikmin is because of how dissappointed I was with the last Platinum Will this game waste our time with hours of intentionally bad story and over-the-top yet somehow boring cutscenes? I hope not.
5. Tank! Tank! Tank!: Ok, I realize this could just be some 1 hour game (especially since it's a remake of an arcade game) with almost no replay value...but if there's even close to enough content I so want to play this game. It just looks like a blast, genuine arcade fun and great multiplayer.

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1.Rayman Legends: Ubisoft is showing Nintendo how you actually do a platforming game.
2.Lego City Undecover: It's GTA Lego-ised.
3.Pikmin 3: Gotta love Pikmin.
4.New Super Mario Bros U Legends is going to be better,but hey you never know,this could turn out to be good.
5.Scribblenauts Unlimited Could be the best in the series.

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1. Pikmin 3: The Pikmin are cute, but the visuals are really what's going to sell this to me.
2. New Super Mario Brothers U: I am willing to try out the NSMB series again after disliking NSMBWii.
3. Lego City Undercover: After looking at Lego Batman 2, I have realized just how fun open-world Lego can be, and the nice HD graphics are icing on the cake.
4. Ghost Recon: Online: What can I say, I love shooters, and the Ghost Recon series is very well respected.

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1. ZombiU - Unique death mechanic, great uses of the gamepad.
2. Project P-100 - I love superhero games, so controlling around 100 heroes seems right up my alley.
3. Tank! Tank! Tank! - I had loads of fun with hardware online arena for PS2 and this is way more over the top, has boss battles and different modes.
4. Lego City Undecover - never really been into Lego games, but this one looks like fun, has some great humour in it and makes good use of the gamepad too.
5. Nintendo Land - This is going to show of the gamepad probably more then ZombiU, I love the ninja star game too



Aviator wrote:

The one that I've played.

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Shouldn't the topic title read: "Most anticipated Wii U title and why?"

Seems more fitting.

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Definitely zombi u with its great trailer and then demo it's the best game of E3. I hope Capcom konami and western guys take example from this.



pikman 3 cause we havent got a pikman game sence the gamecube (i dont count the remakes for wii)

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