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What would you want in a F-Zero game for the Wii U? Personally, I'd want online multiplayer, maybe some more characters, new stages, and a better story mode.

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  • For starters an actually possible storyline. Too hard in GX and it needs improvement.
  • 16 player online. None of that 32 player or 64 player people want. That's just insanity.
  • Many many more tracks in this game.
  • More characters. Even though we have enough.
  • Keep up with the stellar music, brah.
  • Good controls?

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more characters equal more vehicles, therefore the more of them, the merrier
add online multiplayer
vehicle customisation options
or when you win races or come, 2nd, 3rd, you get prize money or money you can use to spend on stuff to improve your car or car's performance
more tracks



My uninspired ideas includes a track creation editor* that uses the Upads touch screen for input. More upbeat and actiony music like the Snes debut. Rival/Friend camera showing up in real time on the Upad screen. Adjust acceleration and max speed with the touch screen.

  • Found in the japan only F-zero X expansion (N64DD).

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this was posted on the n-europe site last year:

Sega Doesn't Rule Out New F-Zero
Posted by Aaron Clegg - May 17th 2011 15:51

Developers of F-Zero GX are open to the possibility of a new eye-melting racer...

One of the key wishes of the Nintendo faithful in recent years has been a follow-up to 2003's critically acclaimed Gamecube racer F-Zero GX. Developed via a then-unprecedented collaboration between Nintendo and Sega, it was the last time we saw a home console version of the series that was created to show off the power of the humble SNES over two decades ago.

Nowadays, the developers of GX can be found dotted around various places after the primary studio (Amusement Vision) was reintegrated back into Sega. Coincidentally, staff working on the upcoming Mario & Sonic at the London Olympics can be traced back to the project, such as the Wii version's director Eigo Kasahara.

At a recent Mario & Sonic event, the folks over at Total Video Games couldn't resist popping the question to a group of Sega developers: could we see Sega and Nintendo team up again for a new F-Zero? Producer Osamu Ohashi was open to it:

"It might happen, if someone comes up with a brilliant idea that would make both Nintendo and SEGA happy. If there's a good idea, that will work for both of us, then we might do that. But as far as we know, we haven't heard of any concrete plan or project that's going on."

A refreshed collaboration with Sega to get the guys behind GX to work on a sequel would surely go down well with the fans, but it's certainly not Nintendo's only option. The company have been getting particularly cosy with specialised racer studio Monster Games as of late, who have recently completed work on 3DS launch title Pilotwings. Perhaps Nintendo would even consider looking in-house again; we hear some of the team behind F-Zero X are still knocking around EAD.

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I really really hope they're going to create a GX sequel. Go faster!

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Me too, WORK!


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It would be enough to just ask Nintendo to make another F-Zero

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Viewtiful_Joe wrote:

  • For starters an actually possible storyline. Too hard in GX and it needs improvement.
  • 16 player online. None of that 32 player or 64 player people want. That's just insanity.
  • Many many more tracks in this game.
  • More characters. Even though we have enough.
  • Keep up with the stellar music, brah.
  • Good controls?

I agree with you on most parts here. I'd say only a few new or different characters (maybe remove some even?), because honestly I believe there were plenty in GX. I get what you mean by the obscenity of the 32 and 64 player games. 16 would be great, but I feel like more racers would be nice sometimes to make the races a bit more intense. Why not just make it adjustable based on the server going from 2 to 30 racers?
And yeah, a more possible story mode would be nice. GX's is beatable for sure, but damn if it wasn't next to impossible sometimes.




Co-op online play.

Player 1:wii controller/nunchuck/driver.

Player 2:wii u pad,weapon/defence/tactical(shoot projectiles,shoot incoming projectiles,also road scan then pass on infomation to driver on terain which would work well on track editor/new tracks).

32 players with multiple routes,secrect routes and wide roads.

Battle mode like mariokart(co-op)

A new move for the driver "Over shot" where driver can hit air brakes to let oher racers pass,with an over shot metre gage bar to build up.

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wide roads



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F-Zero GX was amazing.
Improvements for WiiU (or 3DS)

FULL ONLINE BATTLES WITH UP TO 30 PEOPLE (yes 30, fzero has always been about more and more cars on track. come on! it must be possible)
FULL ONLINE CHAT (with a button to turn it off for adults with children)
ONE RANDOMLY GENERATED NEMESIS to challenge the top 3 players and keep the race tight, like a blue shell or hopefully something less obvious)
SAVES AFTER EVERY RACE so you can go out and come back and not start the KING cup from scratch every time (dammit this made me not play after a while)
AMAZING PHOTO REALISTIC BACKGROUNDS speeding past will look beautifull.

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Tons of DLC.



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