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Topic: EU Power Adapter in UK?

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Can I use my European (EU) Wii U in United Kingdom? What I need to do? Can I use simple EU - UK converter OR i must buy UK WII U Power Adapter?

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I used a step down converter with a US Xbox console in the UK for a couple of years and it all worked fine. However, I would make sure you have a ggod quality converter and not just an adapter. A good quality converter will cost you more than just buying a UK Wii U power adapter from Ebay. And a Uk adapter will probably be safer in case of power surge.

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Check the brick on your Wii U power supply to see the tolerance. UK is 230-240v, but I've never known anyone to have issues running European electrics through an adapter (generally 220-230v). You'd think we'd all use the same voltage at least!

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