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Whenever I play ZombiU game in multiplayer mode it crashes and shows error code 150-1031.

It says the disc cannot be read but the disc is clean. When i put the disc back in again it works for a few seconds then crashes again and gives the same error code.

I've sent Nintendo Support a ticket about this but I wondered if anyone else had experienced this?



No, sorry. Sounds really not good though. The last thing you wanted to hear.

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I spoke to Nintendo Support and they said it was a disc error and I should contact my retailer about an exchange.

I emailed Tesco and they called me to check what was the matter and they've arranged for a new game to be sent out and for me to post the faulty game back. Couldn't be happier with the service from both Nintendo and Tesco



I have been getting this error across two consoles (I bought a new one because the original kept giving this error and was out of warranty) and with several games including Lego City and Just Dance 2014. Nintendo want me to send both consoles in as well as the games and have already told me they'll charge for a Lego City replacement. Weirdly discs from our Wii that are filthy play fine, the ones that won't are pristine. I am extremely unhappy with Nintendo and their 'support'. Someone on their support line told me to sell the Lego City game at an exchange place and use the money to buy a replacement! My view is that if they won't allow m to make a backup of the DVD I have paid for then they should provide replacements free of charge. Anyone else had these errors?

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