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Having trouble connecting to the Internet someone please help

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If the steps below don't help, at the bottom of this post is a link to a article that may help.
Wii U Error Code Lookup Page:

Error Code: 103-1001


Unable to find the wireless router or access point during the test connection.

Can also occur if you have entered an incorrect WEP key into the Wii U connection settings.

What to do:

Manually enter IP address and DNS settings in to the Wii U.

Manually entering IP address and DNS settings into the Wii U can help resolve issues related to connecting to a network. [How to]
Power cycle your home network.

If your wireless router or access point is unresponsive, power cycling this device may allow your Wii U to connect online. [How to]

Ensure you are using the correct password for your Wi-Fi network.

If your wireless router or access point is secured with a security key or password, review this password to ensure you have entered it correctly in the Wii U. [How to]

Create a new connection on your Wii U.

Create a new connection on your Wii U. This will ensure you are connecting to the correct Wi-Fi network and the Wi-Fi network is currently visible to your Wii U. [How to]

Check for wireless interference.

Wireless interference can result in a weakened connection between your Wii U and your wireless router or access point. Review your Wi-Fi network’s setup to ensure your Wii U and wireless router are not close to any electronic devices.

Changing your router's wireless channel to 1 or 11 may also help increase signal strength. [How to]

Still Not Resolved:

If the above steps did not resolve the issue, and you continue to experience problems, please click the button below to see which options are available to contact us for further assistance.

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    How to connect a stubborn Wii U to wi-fi



I am having trouble getting it online also. I just could not get it to connect to my wi-fi. So I plugged in a lan adaptor and I still could not get it to connect with that either. So I guess the wiiu is a offline system for me. And I had no trouble with the old wii and 3ds they worked fine, I think it's something about the wiiu.

Sorry for the dumb post I make


Some people have found the wiiu does have issues with Motorola devices

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My modem is a Motorola maybe thats what it is. Thanks for that info.

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The thing that gets me the most is that my internet has always worked fine with the 3ds and wii, but it don't work with the wiiu. If I have no trouble with nintendo's other systems, then why the wiiu ?. What in the heck did nintendo do different this time to make this system not work.

Another thing is how can it not work wired, I thought for sure when I did it that way it would have to work.

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Sorry for the dumb post I make


Finally I got it working online, it was not easy.

Sorry for the dumb post I make


Can you tell us how???



I'm no wiz when it comes to this stuff but I'll try to explain how I did it. I first just went to connect and auto did it, after it failed. I went to change settings, I then changed the last two numbers of my IP, I then put in my mask number the one my computer list, I then made the gateway my router number. after that I put in my DNS number's the one's my computer list. It then worked for me. I use a iMAC if your using a MAC you can fine these number's in your system preferences go to system preference and then network and then advanced and their all there. Sorry if this wasn't any help.

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Sorry for the dumb post I make


I just have given up......returned the wii u to amazon. We have 7 devices that have no problem with connecting to my home hub 3 but the wii u would not.

Tried all sorts of things but it would not connect, so bye bye nintendo!

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Mine connects fine to my D-Link, I'm sorry I can't be helpful.

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GoldenGlaive wrote:

Finally I got it working online, it was not easy.

I share your pain, took me like 2 hours. Even the update download had to be restarted 2 times. Now I haven't been disconnected since.

Leave luck to heaven.

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