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I'm gonna guess Kiddy Kong.


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Thing is, it has to be someone small enough to ride on DK's back, so that would rule out a big character like Funky Kong or King K. Rool. Kiddy Kong may still have a chance then if there really is a fifth playable character.


I find it really cool that the bramble level revealed last night is inspired by the ones in Donkey Kong Country 2. It even has the same name as a bramble level from DKC2, Bramble Scramble! It makes me wish that a remix of Stickerbrush Symphony would play there even though this game has almost all new music.

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Over time I feel really bad for this game. Ever since the initial announcement people were adverse about about it because it wasn't the Metroid or Star Fox or F-Zero they were hoping for.

Now, though not directly related at the game, many are disappointed that this was shown last night instead of something else. Poor DK can't catch a break...

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Come on Lanky! I bet the 5th player will be an end game unlockable, ala Rosalina.

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DreamyViridi wrote:

@DestinyMan - Wait, it's been confirmed that all of the music is new? I read somewhere a while back that the music that played in the mine cart demo level sounded like a remix of a DKC3 song.

I learned it from this source in which the producer Tanabe talked about how he got David Wise on board

How David Wise Came Back for Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze

  • Tanabe revealed that the music in Tropical Freeze will all be original. “Yet, there will be some familiarities… you can hear that it is David Wise,” he added

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Some more info about the game..

Snowmads are made up of penguins, owls, rabbits, sea lions, and walruses

  • Diddy Kong’s cartwheel attack useful for close attacks
  • Use Kong Pow with Diddy to turn all enemies on the screen into extra balloons
  • As previously mentioned, Dixie’s Kong Pow turns onscreen enemies into gold hearts
  • Dixie’s ponytail is like a propeller underwater for extra speed
  • Enemies will get tougher as you progress
  • Tucks (penguin-like enemies) start out with Donkey Kong being able to take them out by jumping on their heads or rolling into them
  • Later, they’ll have spears and helmets at their disposal, so you can only attack them from behind
  • Tucks will then come with double-sided spears and spiked helmets, so they must be stunned first before you can attack
  • 6 islands
  • 6-7 levels per island
  • Boss stage and a bonus level as well
  • Bonus level unlocks after collecting all KONG letters in each level
  • World 1: Lost Mangroves (rainforest, vine grabbing, zip-lining)
  • World 2: Autumn Heights (Bavarian-like mountain, mine carts, hot-air balloons, giant owls, jagged cliff faces)
  • World 3: Bright Savannah (tall grass, orange/brown colors, like an African safari, dodge brush fire and penguins with spears)
  • World 4: Sea Breeze Cove (blue harbors, sandy inlets, lots of swimming, dodge electric seaweed and manage air supply)
  • World 5: Juicy Jungle (tropical forest that produces a rare fruit, home to an elaborate processing plant, jump off jellies to reach new heights)
  • World 6: DK Island (Donkey Kong’s tree house has been frosted over, has homages to levels from Donkey Kong Country Returns)
  • Will always control Donkey Kong in single-player
  • Side characters add to Donkey Kong’s abilities
  • Subtle differences between the side characters
  • Can switch between side characters by breaking barrels in the levels
  • Icons on the barrels rotate slowly so that you can pick your partner
  • Offers challenging gameplay

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Cool picture! I was hoping someone would make one with all four characters.




My money is still on Funky (or rather his plane) being playable in the way of horizontal shooting stages that take the Kongs from island to island. I know it's a stretch, but it sounds dang awesome. Those mosquito levels were great in Rayman Origins!

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I will love you forever retro/david wise if you put in a stickerbrush sympthiony reference song in the game.

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Personally, I'm kind of happy they aren't putting one in.

Crazy? Sure. But think about it.

They've got the original composer back for the game. The person who came up with the first Stickerbrust Symphony.

Much better to get him to make an all new soundtrack at the same level of quality as the originals rather than just remix older songs for fan service reasons.

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@CM30: I agree; it's better for them to have Wise make some new classics. Although it wouldn't have to be an outright remix, he could still add some "familiarties" that would sound like some of the notes from Stickerbrush Symphony in the bramble level. Mario Kart 7's Rainbow Road immediately comes to mind with the way its music integrated the N64's Rainbow Road theme.

This game is in need of a Super Mario 3D World-like revival. I'm trying my best not to be worried, but it does seem like this game's image has been hurt among even Nintendo fans. Mario 3D World has become a new model for how a video game can turn around when it comes to hype, so there's still hope.


February 21st for both EU and NA, sweet!

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