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Long story short - came home and found that my dog has chewed up my AC4: Black Flag game case (which contained the disc).
BUT...I can't find the disc; a Pirates of the Caribbean DVD however has been chewed up and lays next to it. A DVD I probably haven't used for like 2 years,

The DVD case is on the shelf in perfect condition...Pissed off and confused :/


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That's why you need to go with DIGITAL4LYFE.

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Have you seen inside the pirates of the carrabien cover? Or in your wii u?


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How old is the dog and have you trained it?

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This is why valuables need to be stored where pets cannot get to them. Training pets will also help.

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This is why cartridges were better.

Hehe, seriously though depending on the size of your dog and how much he ate, this could be a problem. If the pieces are very small, your dog may pass them on his own, but if the parts of the disc are large enough they could become lodged causing an intestinal blockage that may require surgery. Sometimes when dogs eat things a veterinarian will purposely induce vomiting to get it out of their stomachs, in these cases the ingestion must be recent and inducing vomiting of that particular substance is "safe", but in a situation like this pieces of the disc may be sharp which makes them a little scary to vomit up. I'd recommending calling your vet or your local emergency clinic and tell them the following:

When your dog ate it.
How much he ate.
How big he is.

...and let them help guide you on what to do.

One thing you could do in the mean time that may help is to feed your dog some bread which can help bind the fragments as they migrate through the gastrointestinal tract.

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I honestly would be more worried about my dog then the game disc. I would call my vet immediately and tell them what happened just to make sure he didn't eat any of the discs.

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Sounds like your dog doesn't like Pirates, good dog.
Also, sounds like you haven't been walking him. Dog need to burn off extra energy, and being coop up in the house isn't good for them.
This is really your fault.

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Squid wrote:

I think your dog just doesn't like pirates.

KennyPowers wrote:



Anyway glad to see alotta people on here car about animals!
I can piece together pretty much most of the pirates DVD - however the AC4 is NOWHERE to be found. She also chewed up CoD Ghosts case - but the disc was in the Wii U.

She is only a year old - but a Japanese Akita, so quite big. It's been a bit of a problem recently actually with not having the time to take her out in the day...So can't blame her (although she did get a bollocking when I noticed)

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have you tried checking inside the PotC box yet, or perhaps your other disc boxes that are in the area? i know sometimes i switch up my games on accident, and a search of all the surrounding boxes usually turns up the one i'm looking for (and a few i wasn't looking for, haha).

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@open: It could be that maybe she dragged the AC disc off somewhere to have a chew toy later. Check maybe her sleeping area to see if its there or any of her hiding places. If she does chew alot I suggest maybe getting her some chew toys or stuff animals (you can usually pick up stuff animals really cheap at a thrift store) Also if she has to stay inside when you are away look into one of those dog pen where you can put her in when you are away. That way she wont get into things she's not suppose to.

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No big loss on either count, mirite?

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Kaze_Memaryu wrote:

Sell dog. Get bird.
Problem solved!


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Kaze_Memaryu wrote:

Sell dog. Get cat.
Problem solved!

Keep dog, buy cat, get hamster. Problem intensified = solved.


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