Topic: Does Wii U have a trophy/achievements type thing?

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Does wii u have achievements like Xbox live or psn?


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No one knows yet, though rumours say yea.



i thought they had already meantioned in one of the vids that yes it will o.O i could be wrong though

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From what I've heard, yes.

They're supposed to be called "Accomplishments", just like on 3DS (Mii Paza).

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How come i havn't heard anything about this?

Hope the rumours are true.

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Thank you very much

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It would be nice to have. Kind of gives me something to do in games after I beat them..

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Don't get your hopes up, but it could be nice. :3

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I think Nintendo should include them, if for no other reason that there is a lot of demand for achievements.

Still, Nintendo often likes to do their own thing regardless of what others think. I'd be surprised, however, if the Wii U didn't have system-wide support for achievements (through the new account system).

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I hope so. I will be the 1st to get all mario achievements.



the real question is: does it matter either way? (the answer is no btw)

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I kinda hope it does now, and not only that I hope they use achievements for VC/WW and wii games, it would be cool to get an achievement for collecting all 100 shards in Kirby 64 and one for beating 02 and other fun ones, Nintendo could make it fun where the others made useless ones

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It would be nice.

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I hope so.
As long as we get stuff for doing them.

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kkslider5552000 wrote:

the real question is: does it matter either way? (the answer is no btw)

Because everyone shares the exact same opinion as you!



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