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So I wanted to know, will Wii games played on the Wii U be upscaled to HD? I've recently heard of the Dolphin emulator and it's been said it really really improves the games. This could be a real selling point to me as my computer is, quite frankly, probably the weakest one on this entire forum. (Among age issues, it's only 700 Mhz - has trouble emulating the SNES!)

What I want to know is if I play Super Mario Galaxy or Okami or even Donkey Kong Returns and New Super Mario Bros. Wii on the Wii U, will it be HD?

Also, if you could link me to some dolphin emulator pics, I'd appreciate it. Can't really find the motherload. I've seen two pics of games I don't recognize, but that was it. I want to see these so called HD Wii games for myself :

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I've read that the games get upscaled to 1080p, which is nice. But none of the Wii's games will be in HD, they'll always just be upscaled SD games since the games themselves don't support a higher resolution than 480p. It'll be nowhere near as good looking as a Wii game running on the Dolphin Emulator.

Here's a pic of SMG on DE:

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what do you think the chances are of people cornering nintendo and getting them to release a patch for this? The Wii 480p bottleneck doesn't exist in the wii U, but nintendo sticks with the bottleneck anyway, strange.



I think they just threw in a Wii emulator to make the system backwardcompatible and I doubt they'll ever patch it to make it upscale Wii games to a HD resolution like the Dolphin Emulator does.

It'd be straining on the system as well. The Dolphin Emulator doesn't just upscale the games, it can render the game at multiple times the standard resolution while also adding anti-aliasing (to remove jaggies). There are also some lighting/shading/filter enhancements/alternate methods. The Dolphin Emulator in itself is a pretty big project, I can't see Nintendo taking the time and effort of doing something similiar just so that people can play older games in a higher resolution.

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xThomas wrote:

what do you think the chances are of people cornering nintendo and getting them to release a patch for this?

PFFFT HAHAHAHHAA. Cornering Nintendo?

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The rendering method of the WiiU is different from the Wii, so in order to keep the compatibility of Wii games, it requires that they be rendered at 480p. However, the WiiU takes that render, and applies a filter as it scales it up, which can result it a little better quality at HD resolutions. It is very much along the lines of how the 3DS upscales DS games. It isn't rendering at the higher resolution, but it is scaling up to it.

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most of these questions are already answered here:

emulating wii games in hd requires a powerful cpu, which the wii u doesn't have. its clock speed is slightly lower than the 360 and ps3 cpus from half a dozen years ago, so even if the 480p cap were removed it wouldn't get you far. if an i52500k at 4.5ghz can't run mario galaxy 2 at 1080p without occasional slowdowns, the wii u's cpu doesn't stand a chance.

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