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Topic: Does a professional reviewer have a mandate to bring personal political biases into a review?

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I'd nominate this thread for Hall of Fame status but frankly I don't want it stinking up the joint.

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garywood wrote:

And what's more, having admitted I'm wrong, I get the kind of response from skywake above:
"An admittance of wrongness in a thread where everyone disagrees with you is only so valuable."
I'd suggest that that's almost the very definition of tribalism and typifies maybe the single biggest problem with humanity.

I also went on to say:
"If you end up, and I have done this many times, trying to concede like that but keep going then you really haven't conceded at all. When you're doing that you're often just trying to save face and position yourself as the moral victor in an already finished argument. I don't think that's particularly virtuous"

It's hard to have a rational debate with someone who only answers the first part of people's posts

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Alright... Just sticky it to the end of the forum then ;)

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Don't worry people your just a product of society, i can see how it can be confusing.




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LOL wow, amazing what you can miss in a day. Thought I'd be able to jump back into the discussion but... this falls more in line with how I imagined it ending from the moment it started. Gotta give the dude props though for keeping it up even this long.

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