Topic: do you think nintendo will get their goal

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of getting 5.5 million sales of wii u by april 2013

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It's not impossible, after all it is sold out in all regions except Europe/Australia, I guess it depends on how many units each store got

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No, considering how long it takes to make deluxes, but if there was enough, then yes.

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I'd say it's definitely a reachable goal. The core Nintendo fan base will add to this in no time. After that, it's a matter of other consumers to find the system interesting enough to give it a go. While I do believe it is a reachable number, I have my doubts because it just seems to me that everybody wants Nintendo to disappear. I think the media is going to try and downplay the WiiU, making it seem inferior and inadequate. However, I believe the numbers (sales) will say otherwise. That is always the case when it comes to Nintendo consoles or products. The media loathes it but the sales slap them right back in the face. Only time will tell. I hope, as I am a huge Nintendo fan of 25years of actual gaming that Nintendo rises back to the dominate and respected company that they are. 5.5m WiiU's, I say thats a fair goal. I know I'm getting one for sure, and I might have to get 2 or 3 of my friends one too that are strapped for cash.

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Doubtful. Not with this lack of advertising, or even infor cough*ONLINE SERVICE*cough

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Well, Patcher said (or at least implied) it wouldn't happen, so logically it will.

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I still don't know enough about it to really say either way. It's definitely reachable, but at the same time, there's still stuff up in the air on integral parts of the WiiU, like how online will work on the thing. However, like @HarmoKnight said, the system is having very good pre-order numbers, so there is definitely interest in the system. I doubt NIntendo would set a goal at 5.5 million units if it was unable to produce that many units, so those pre-orders probably don't indicate massive shortages.

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Yes. The system is showing it's potential even more now than ever with the Demo Units in GameStops and BestBuys so people will be able to try it out that want to in order to make their purchasing decision and other people who still believe it's "just a Wii with another controller," will see the Wii U sign and wonder what it is and give it a go.

IF Nintendo actually advertised it more in North America outside of game stores and retailers that sell gaming material, I believe they could surpass that figure. Even if it's only by an extra 500,000

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Good pre-order numbers?

Of course you can tell me those numbers can't you.


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It's not even out yet but already has sold more units than Vita



Yes, I do, half a year for 5.5 million sales? Sounds possible.

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Aviator wrote:

Good pre-order numbers?

Of course you can tell me those numbers can't you.

Even if he numbers produced were low, the fact it's sold out shows demand, and if they want that goal then they'll make more WiiUs to give to everyone who wants one

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IMO, it's more of a problem with them manufacturing enough in time than to sell them. There was that fire just recently that, while it isn't affecting the launch orders, might have affected later supplies.


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They didnt reach their goal with the 3DS..... I think so no. But it does have a solid launch lineup so its anyone's guess really.

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No. But it will be close.

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I find it possible. I was holding off from getting it at launch, because both Pikmin 3 and Rayman will be delayed, but they are expected to be released before April. It is still the only new game system this holiday season, and a new gadget is always attractive.

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