Topic: Do you think Nintendo regrets selling their 49% of RARE to Microsoft?

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Sort of. I guess they probably regret losing Banjo Kazooie as a series, as well as Perfect Dark and Conker, and they probably don't like not having any studio to give all the Donkey Kong games to... but with the Wii's success and Rare's fall from fame, they're probably mostly over it by now.

Back in the Gamecube era though, I bet they really, really regretted it. Especially considering how many of the SNES and Nintendo 64's classics were by Rare, and how losing them left a giant hole in the console's game library.

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DarkKnight wrote:

I sure regret it. If Nintendo hadn't, people wouldn't be talking about this so much.

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I think it took away some of the mor core focused IP's nintendo had.


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DarkKnight wrote:

I sure regret it. If Nintendo hadn't, people wouldn't be talking about this so much.

I heart you.
(i was literally thinking this exact same thing when i saw this thread re-appear )

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BanjoThreeie wrote:

kkslider5552000 wrote:

but Nintendo was already competing with Halo with a GCN game. It's called Metroid Prime, 2 specifically. Anyone who remembers the marketing of the game knows exactly what I am talking about.

Wasn't a true FPS and everybody knew it.

I should explain this in case people missed it (probably did). In 2004 had a marketing campaign that was super cool and viral or...something. Involved bees. I honestly can't remember. And since Metroid Prime 2 was coming out around the same time, there were a bunch of sites that just "All Your Bees Are Belong To Us. Never send a man to do a woman's job." And there was also a fake science related site that used cleverly edited footage and Metroid terms.

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Rare really hasn't been relevant in some time. It is a tribute to them that we are even still talking about it, today. I do miss some of the IP's. You hate to see things waste away.


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