Topic: Do you think it would be a good Idea to have a Limited Edition at Launch?

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Mercury9 wrote:

This is a bit of a silly statement. You can't compare Wii U with rumoured consoles that we know absolutely nothing about..

This is a bit of a silly statement. He wasn't comparing, only hoping.

Unless if course you find it silly to have hope for the future...

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Henmii wrote:

That's not what I meant. Nintendo just chose to release a console that was only 2 times as powerful as a Gamecube, While Sony and Microsoft came with a massive boost. The result was that if you would port a xbox360/PS3 game to the Wii, it would suffer a lot graphics-wise. Even if Nintendo had released a HD Wii later on, it wouldn't make much of a difference.

I don't agree. Nintendo actually didn't do too bad with 3rd party support initially because many developers weren't ready to fully commit development money to HD, but as time wore on it became clear that the tide was turning. If Nintendo had done a modest upgrade to keep-up with Microsoft and Sony two or three years ago it would have shown developers who had made a full commitment to the new HD platforms that they still wanted their games to appear on their system and gamers who had started to move away from Wii that they they valued their custom. Now they're having to work to prove they're serious about gaming again.

I personally didn't care about switching to HD, but clearly that's where the development money from 3rd parties was going. I hope Nintendo succeeds in wooing back that support, but they do have some work to do.

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More on-topic, yes, I think a limited edition bundle would be great. They could have a Pikmin 3 one right at launch and then make more for their other first party games. I'll have to see what the third party support is like before I become hopeful for 3rd party themed editions.

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I guess I never really voted either way. A limited edition launch version would be a nice way to say thanks to early adopters who are more likely to have been Wii owners than not, so I'm all for it.

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I'd prefer a bundle to a limited edition. It would come with special paint and all that, but I'd be more inclined to purchase a bundle than just a limited edition.

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