Topic: Do you really think that Wii U will have better 3rd party support than Wii?

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I think it'll get good 3rd party support, mainly because well...

1) It'll be the Xbox 360 of next gen, meaning it will have a year head start like the Xbox 360 did this gen and has the chance of becoming the developers platform.

2) The Wii U is really reasonably priced, I mean it's not much more expensive than current gen 6-7 year old hardware.

3) I don't think Wii U will lag behind graphically at the same scale the Wii trailed Xbox 360 and PS3. I really believe that this next gen all three next gen systems will be in the same ballpark. Sony can't afford it, and Microsoft has no incentive to. I think they both learned their lesson and they'd like to see more profitability sooner than later this next gen. They were both selling their systems at a loss for the longest time.

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Better than Wii shouldn't really be hard at all. So, yes.

And it does seem like Nintendo is trying to get more games on their system. Unlike with the Wii where they didn't seem this active.

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3rd party developers love to have resources available to them. The Wii, while having a different method of gameplay, came with quite a few restrictions like low specs and limited space for WiiWare games. The WiiU, from we've been told, has more capabilities than what the PS3/X360 have. It'll be the first console to have a GPGPU on it (which handles floating-point calculations far better than the CPU and is the prime unit for physics in modern video cards for PCs) that has already been stated to be 3x-4x times more powerful than the X360's own GPU. The CPU (while not as powerful as many hoped for) won't have as many things to do with the GPGPU taking over many operations, relieving stress on the CPU, and so it won't run so hot. The 1GB of RAM solely for games (the other 1GB is for the OS) will help a lot.

Most important thing of all, is that supposedly there are no plans for the next gen Sony/MS console next year, so the Wii U will have at least a year to be settled in before the competition comes around. Also, Sony/MS released quite powerful consoles this past generation, which unfortunately they sold at rather high losses (only now are they beginning to make money per unit), and I doubt either of them are willing to make such a jump this time around. This coming generation may be much like the PS2/GC/XBox generation, and with that, I think the WiiU will be this coming generation's PS2.


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Yes the WiiU will get all multiplatform games. Firstly it will not be that far behind the Xbox / Ps4. Look at CoD Blops 2 on the Wii U. Not only is getting played at 60fps on the Tv it is also doing that on the Gamepad. There will not be a massive leap as there was this generation in turns of graphical power. The new Unreal Engine is scalable (which will be the engine of choice for a number of games) so porting games to the Wii U will not be that much effort unlike the Wii. Also there is a proper gamepad for the games now in the pro controller and the gamepad itself can make do as one. Secondary is the cost of "big" games now. With the porting process simpler and cheaper lower sales will be required to make the game worthwhile porting to the wii U.

I fully expect a lot of games to be announced for the Wii U following the launch window. For example I believe Borderlands 2 will be announced next year in a GOTY edition etc.



Doesnt matter - I play my third party games on PC primarily, where I get the best experience most of the time anyway.
As for first party games - I think Nintendo have themselves covered as always.

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Yes, I really think the Wii U will have better third party support than the Wii. They already are getting the better, enhanced versions of the multiplat games except for Madden. Also, I think more game engines are going to be like Unreal Engine 4 which is highly customizable (can use it even for mobile phones) therefore making it possible and easier for developers to tone the details down for the Wii U if necessary versus the presumably more powerful next gen systems Microsoft and Sony will come out with.

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As long as it isn't as far behind technologically as the wii was last gen (which it won't), then we should be fine with third party games. Whether or not they take advantage of the gamepad is a whole different story though..

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Definitely. Wii didn't ever get many third-party games. Based on the games I've seen so far, it looks like the developers are trying to promote the Wii U, which is great. (Plus, the cries of Microsoft and Sony Lovers is fun to listen to )

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