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Pretty simple question. Do you guys like the Gamepad and feels it makes the Wii U a much better system or do you wish Nintendo just tried to make a more traditional system that focused on hardware power like the PS4/Xone? Feel free to say your opinions.

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No I like what Nintendo does Wii U is more exciting because of the fact they waited 7 more years to do a HD console then the competition 1080p and HD for the first time that really stands out for Nintendo I honestly don't care about power and they can't go that much further with the graphics like they have in the past! the Wii U graphics don't look different to ps4 or Xbox one games anyway by seeing the game "X" I was able to judge the differences and their is honestly no different in my personal opinion and I love that they change the controller design each time they wouldn't be the Nintendo we know and love if they didn't change it up they seem to be the only game company they innovate these days the other companies just seem set on western games the same crappy stories and games like Shooters and sport games........


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I absolutely love the GamePad! It holds so many possibilities. It was a real joy to play with in Nintendo Land because its one of the only games right now that makes use of the many unique abilities of the GamePad. Unfortunately it's lead many developers running away from Wii U thinking that they HAVE to use its many features, which is simply untrue.

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Well to be honest both PS4 and Xbox One have a gamepad like device as well. PS4 its intergrated into the controller and Xbox One has smartglass.

But to answer your question I do like it alot. The most use I get out of it is when I play VC games like Super Metroid. That way the TV can be used as well. I did enjoy it in Nintendoland as well and I like it in Assassin's Creed III for the map that way I dont have to bring up a subscreen or pause screen to view my map. I honestly thing its alot better idea than the Wii motion control.

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Yes. Wii U is great.


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I like it a lot (mostly for offscreen play), but sometimes I wish Nintendo just went for the extra power..

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Love it. I still prefer a motion plus remote though, as far as possibilities. Something about the mote and nunchuk combo just feels so right.



Love to play zombies(COD) with my brother. The fact that we can both play on a seperate screen locally, is almost like a dream come true for me lol.
Also I think what they did with the controller in Nintendoland (mansion,chase,animal crossing) is pure genius.


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I don't like the price, I don't mind the gamepad, but the thing adds about $100 to the price of the console while not giving enough back to make up for it, I"ll prefer a $199 console with a classic controller or a more powerful console that can get the same third party games PS4 will get......

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The gamepad is absolutely necessary to the Wii U, they just can't remove it!

The Gamecube was in the power game and we all know how that turned out. It was successful but it moved the least units out of all the 6th gen consoles even though it was much more powerful than the PS2 at the time. I prefer Nintendo how it is, I just want developers to get off their ass and not be lazy about porting the game.

I doubt it that many many more developers would have ported the many games if Wii U was very powerful although different architecture from the Xbone/PS4. It is that ditto hardware of those 2 consoles that the games are being multiplat on only them as they can do lazy ports. Nintendo has this kiddy image which is part of the reason developers are avoiding it coupled with low sales and a mildly weaker hardware is being used as an excuse.

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The gamepad has nice physical buttons, a responsive touch screen, and extremely accurate rotational orientation sensors...what's not to love about it!?!

The only thing I could complain about the gamepad is the battery life...but it's not a major issue and can be "fixed" by replacing it with another battery that has a higher mAh capacity.

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Nintendo is rich while Detroit is bankrupt. They could use Detroit make a real Nintendo Land theme park.

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The gamepad has nice physical buttons, a responsive touch screen, and extremely accurate rotational orientation sensors...what's not to love about it!?!

The only thing I could complain about the gamepad is the battery life...but it's not a major issue and can be "fixed" by replacing it with another battery that has a higher mAh capacity.

MrSRArter wrote:

Nintendo is rich while Detroit is bankrupt. They could use Detroit make a real Nintendo Land theme park.

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I went hands on with the GamePad(I'm always late to the NintenParty, i know i know!) a few weeks ago and i absolutely loved it. It's like a jumbo sized Classic Controller with a 2nd Window into the gaming world plunked right inbetween. if anything, i wasn't quite thrilled with the shoulder buttons, but that's just a minor complaint. It's safe to say that the Wii U gamepad feels like a NextGen controller, but this has always been the case with every single nintendo controller unlike the cut & paste Dual shock. I didn't expect to love it as much as i dis that's for sure. C'mon 3rd party developers, put the Gamepad to good innovative use, the 2nd screen is just waiting for some ground breaking innovation

At times like this, i wish there was a Zack & Wiki 2 so it could shut up the GamePad naysayers.

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The Game Pad is a interesting feature but what it's uses may be can also be distracting from what can be going on displayed on the TV. I personally don't like it as a "forced feature" when all the Game Pad is doing is mirroring the television. Most games I actually prefer the Pro Controller for it's comfort and much longer battery life where with the Game Pad and the stock battery, I find myself worrying more when I'm going to see the red charge light of doom instead of fully getting into my game experience.

Had the Game Pad had a far better battery from the start, I wouldn't have to be straining to see what is displayed on it at the lowest brightness and rumble disabled etc., crank up the brightness, turn on rumble, and turn the quality switch to 'high' and I would be looking at less than three hours play if I'm lucky on a full charge. The Pro Controller without all the extras, really is a home run for me and my control method of choice on a fast action game or driving such as in Need for Speed: Most Wanted.

There are some creative ways all three are used in Zen Pinball 2 where you can have special scenes play back on the Game Pad screen with less cluttering up the TV and still play with the Pro Controller. That was pretty creative IMO. I just dislike games that force the Game Pad on you without making any special use of it. A good example honestly is playing single player in NSMB:U which just mirrors the action on the TV and the arcade twin stick shooter Nano Assault Neo which does exactly the same.

I hear New Super Mario Bros. U will get a patch for Pro Controller use if I'm not feeling chatty on MiiVerse but for Nano Assault, I was rather frustrated reading that the game supported the Pro Controller but said nothing about requiring a second player to make use of it.

Other apps that make great use of the Game Pad is Netflix where the touch screen is a wonderful browsing and fast forward or rewind option with thumbnail images in real time. My only gripe, I wish the display would turn OFF during playback. It goes to low brightness, just wasting the battery...

So there are pros and cons to the Game Pad, I'd prefer focusing on the HD action on my TV instead of having to look ad my Game Pad for resource/squad or skill management such as in Mass Effect 3. Thankfully the game offers play in both ways rather well.

I'm no hater as I will most likely be called but simply stating my preference with gaming.

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I have a 3DS now, and if I got a Wii U, I think I would look at my 3DS and GamePad and muse 'Why are both of these needed?'

With the new Smash Bros. games presented together, I'm more and more inclined to think that Nintendo's next generation will be just one console, that can serve as both a home and portable device.



I like the gamepad when it's implemented properly into the game that I'm playing.
It's awful when it's used as a tacked on gimmick.

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I like it. It is easy to hold, easy to reach buttons, neat gyroscope and accelerometer, good graphics and animations, and a good touchscreen. The Gamepad is pretty neat in my opinion.

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I like it. But i dont love it either. Its a standard controller with a screen on it. I could live without the screen. But im not annoyed with it being there either. Its good for maps and inventory, i think.



I love the gamepad. It has the potential to be great in some games. I think that the Wii U is a bigger step up from the wii than the ps3/xb360 to the ps4/xbone is, but yet the ps4 and xbone will sell way more.

But yes to answer the question, i really do like the gamepad. I like the thumbsticks, the screen and the great d-pad.

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It's the best thing about the system for me right now. Love it. I don't have a TV at the moment. I thought all my systems would be useless, but since I can play on the GamePad my WiiU is still in use It's awesome!

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