Topic: Do you guys think call of duty ghosts will be announced for wii u.

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Yes. Yes it will.

Was Mariobro4. No, I'm not taking off my's important.
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I would say they will yes but I think because of the blops2 DLC issue on Wii U it wont sell that well.

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I guess it depends on the new engine of the game...if they kept the old engine sure it will be available, but with the new engine I really don't know, problably no one knows. I just hope ubisoft releases the next far cry on wii u, or the fps may end in nintendo consoles.



I think I saw on Eurogamer earlier today that the WiiU version was listed by a Spanish retailer.
Given that It's Activision, I'd say they will probably port it over. Expect a sloppy port though.

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Nintendo will release a Micro-Console as a companion device to the NX and next Handheld Console. (looks like I was wrong if this latest rumor is true)

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