Topic: Do you believe we'll see a new Clash of Ninja game on WiiU?

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As the title suggests, I am wondering if the Naruto Clash of Ninja series may have a future on WiiU. I've found this series to be quite entertaining in the past, but Revolution 3 was apparently relatively poor in sales, which kind of put the series in jeopardy. However, we have seen other Naruto games make their way to Nintendo systems recently, so I don't believe it to be an utter impossibility.

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i would love a new clash of ninja, but i would also like NamcoBandai to bring the Storm series over as well seems as though it's no longer a PlayStation exclusive and i know the Wii would never be able to run them but the Wii U should be able to no problem

also the DBZ series too

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I'd love to see an HD Clash of Ninja game. I like the Storm series but they're so unbalanced that playing them online is boring.


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