Topic: Do or Don't: Sell my Wii in favor of the Wii U?

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@sushifreAk That's some awesome logic.
I hope you did well in your exam.


GameStop is offering $60 on the Wii if you're trading it in for a WiiU. Honestly, after scanning through a bunch of Craigslist ads, that seems pretty reasonable.

That sounds nice, but how would that work for those of us who want to transfer downloaded games between systems?

It wont work thats the dumb thing. I mean why does Gamestop offer these trade in deals BEFORE the other system is out? If they claim to know so much about video games like they do then they would know that most people are going to want to transfer their VC, and Wiiware games to the other system, a feat which is impossible until the Wii U comes out. They should save the trade in deals for after the system comes out.

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