Topic: DKC: Tropical Freeze........Best soundtrack in a Wii U game?

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Tip: When playing DKC: Tropical Freeze, turn the sound effects down, and the music up! David Wise is the man.

Favorite track so far is 6-1, Homecoming Hijinks.



I was jammin to 3-1. I forgot the course name. Had a Lion King Vibe. I haven't finished the game but so far its pretty great.



I certainly think so. That savanna level music, and underwater tracks, and especially the levels in world 6... it's just so good. I hope they put the soundtrack on Club Nintendo here in NA, though I doubt they will. Probably just for Japan...

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Eh. It has it's moments, but there are better soundtracks out there.

It's not hard to be the best at something on the Wii U at the moment too...


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I don't know, I think it has a better soundtrack than all of the AAA games I've played in the last year on the 360, Wii U, or the PS4. If anything, it's just very atmospheric and fitting.



Still waiting for the game to arrive in the mail David Wise is the reason I ever cared about videogame music. Donkey Kong Country 2's music is the greatest ever. Going to be hard for DKC TF to beat Rayman Legends as far as music goes but I can't wait to see (and hear) if it does

It's Wario time Yaahhhhhhhhhhhhh!


Seems the best I've ever heard in ANY game. I really liked Paper Mario 64 soundtrack though...



3D World was okay to me in VGM.
Rayman Legends I still haven't finished.
DKCTF has the best VGM so far (Feb. 2014) on Wii U!

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Super Mario 3D World has some amazing music... but DK: U has better and much more music.

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"DKC: Tropical Freeze........Best soundtrack in a Wii U game?"

That may be the case! Either way, it's a great soundtrack! It's very different from the Returns soundtrack, wich really did surprise me! I mean, it looks like David Wise really got card-blanche on the tracks he wanted to make! No restrictions!

Of course David Wise wasn't 100% responsable, I heard Kenji Jamamoto also worked on it! Well, they did a great job!

But back to David: Whoever came with the idea to bring him in needs a gold medal! Hopefully he will compose many more tracks for future Nintendo titles (super smash brother remixes, nudge, nudge), maybe they can even reel in Beanland and Kirkhope! Mister Wise, we missed you!



I can buy it, but making a piece of music more amazing than the Infinite Tower from Rayman Legends will be tough.

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it's composed by David Wise so of course it is among the best



I think so. I haven't liked a soundtrack so much since SMG 2.

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That was one of my early reactions to the game; that and of course, "That HD fur!"

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To me, yes.

Feel like I'm hopping in every thread to rave about DK, but the music really stands out in this game and I'm a lover of great VGM. So far, I believe it is Island 3-4, Scorch n' Torch that is my favorite track.


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Yeah, I don't think there's a single track I've disliked.

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Yes. Definitely. This is one of my favorite game OST ever along with all the work of Graeme Norgate and Koji Kondo.

Favorite tracks

  • Irate Eight (Tension)
  • Homecoming Hijinks
  • Grassland Groove
  • Sawmill Thrill
  • 6-5
  • 6-2

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Yeah it's really refreshing. I mean Zelda OSTs really hit the heart strings due mostly to nostalgia but this soundtrack reaches a different place in my brain for fresh game tunes that I don't think many can top when I think about it



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