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Hey everyone. Best Buy is selling Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze for just $39.99 the week beginning March 30th, 2014. If you have Gamer's Club Unlocked as I do, your 20% discount will stack, meaning the game will only be $31.99 brand spankin' new. Not bad for one of the greatest video games ever made

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Cool might get this . How to Gamer's Club?

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Wow, tempting!

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Gamer's Club cost $120, was recently on sale for $60, and it nets you 20% off all new games and coupons and other stuff to encourage you to shop at BB.



For the record, also on Amazon for $40

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I wish I would've known about this before I purchased the game!

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Wishing Newegg had it for $40. That's where I have credit.


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wow the game is so worth tthat price! whoever is still doubting: don't, just get it!

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I'm still enjoying my copy. I downloaded it at full price and I'm happy with the value I'm getting out of the title so to buy it at $40 is a steal!


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I'm hoping that many that don't have the game yet pick it up. It's a steal at that price!


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This game is on sale for $40 all over the place. I picked it up last weekend for $40 from a local everything kind of like Target store. I hate buying games at launch because sooner rather than later it will go sale, even with the once unshakeable Nintendo MSRP!

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