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Boy, there sure seem to be a lot of dissatisfied Nintendo customers on these boards in regards of the Wii U. Tons of posts about what people don't like about the system, what needs changed, how disappointed consumers are.

This always struck me as a little odd, as most people who actually own the Wii U, seem to be pretty pleased with it everywhere else.

Hey, waitaminute! What if a good number of these complainers don't even own the system? And they've been slamming it with no real hands-on experience? Ah, what am I saying? Who would complain about, and critique something that they didn't even own? It would be like a blind person becoming an art critic.

Here's my challenge. If you really are a dissatisfied Wii U customer, post your Network ID. I would love to see how many complainers actually own the system. The funny thing is, I notice most of the posters who are happy with the system already list their IDs in their sigs.

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